Lord of the Flies - Ralph

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"a boxer"
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"matter-of-fact ideas were dull"Ralph - irritated by piggy's questions and is scornful of his clumsiness and asthma. Enjoy's teasing piggy.Realises Piggy's intelligence and good-thinkingRalph - starts relying more and more on these traits.When hunted, he realises how much he needs piggy to "talk sense"Ralph - after piggy's death, ralph no longer can rely on piggy's intelligence and sensethey smile at eachother with "shy liking"Ralph - Jack and Ralph could be friendsFall out after jack and his hunters are too busy hunting so the fire dies and shelters cannot be built.Ralph - First sign they cannot resolve the conflict between fun and responsibility.After a disagreement, ralph asks jack openly why he hates himRalph - realises that jack needs to lead. Tension for the reader, only one can win."Indefinable connection"Ralph - jack cant leave him alone. Jack has something to prove.Delighted with the island; excited there are no grown-ups. Thinks they'll be rescuedRalph - trusts civilised worldFeels the "wearisomeness" of life on the island. Not the adventure he expected - feels insecure.Ralph - "understandable and lawful world" begins to slip away.Deepest despair when the boys are rescuedRalph - realises that his innocent view of a fair and decent world is lost forever. Evil exists in everyone, even Ralph but he fights against it; mans struggle against evil"The tears began to flow and sobs shook him"Raplh - things start well for him, but by the end all of his friend have been killed or deserted him. All humans are evil.