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d. Challenges to Naturalism - G.E. Moore


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State Moore's 2 challenges to Naturalism
- The Naturalistic Fallacy

- The Open Question Argument
What was Moore's book?
'Principa Ethica'
What is meant by the Naturalistic Fallacy?
Trying to define the concept of 'good' in terms of natural properties
What parallel does Moore make?
- Makes parallel between 'good' and 'yellow'

- Trying to define 'good' is like trying to define 'yellow'

- closest we can get to defining it is by attributing properties and qualities to it
(EG: good is not committing murder)
What happens if we define 'good' as anything other than itself?
Committed a 'naturalistic fallacy'
_____ is _____ and that's the end of the matter
good is good
Moore: good is "s______, in_________ and un________"
- simple
- indefinable
- unanalysable
Example of a closed question
"Sam is a brother, but is he a male sibling?" (tautological statement
Example of an open question
"What is good" (no definite answer)
In short what is Moore's Open Question Argument all about?
Moore can't define 'good' but knows what it is