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5 Roots/6 Beliefs


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1. Which is the biggest group - Shi'a or Sunni? By how much?
Sunni is bigger - 1.2 Billion. Shi'a is 120 Million.
2. What is the fresh-breath way of remembering their beliefs?
3. Which is the 5 roots and which is the 6 Beliefs? How do you know?
Shi'a is 5 roots - less letters. Sunni 6 Beliefs - Sunni has more letters. Also a mobile phone number has 11 digits - 5 followed by 6.
4. Name three beliefs that both Sunni and Shi'a Muslims agree on.
All of the 6 Beliefs are good - Tawhid (God), Akhirah (the afterlife), RiSalah (communication channel - Angels/Prophets/Holy Books)
5. What is the main difference between both groups? Extra points for the name.
Immamah - successors - Shi'a Muslims believe that Muhammed's Son in Law was the appointed successor. They have a third line in the creed that reflects this "Ali is the friend of God".
6. Why is Muhammed the preferred Prophet for Muslims to listen to?
His revelation was uncorrupted by anything. They say his was the final revelation.
7. Who took the prophecy to the Prophets?
The Angel Gabriel (or Jibril)
8. What does the concept Tawhid mean?
Allah is One - a unique being above all and without partners.
9. What is the name of the main Holy Book for muslims?
The Qur'an - get the spelling right.
10. Give three ways that these beliefs might impact or affect daily life for Muslims.
To live better because God will judge you. To seek reward because God will bring blessings if you enter paradise. To study Allah's revelation more closely - to listen to the Holy Book.