Little Women


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What holiday is being celebrated in the beginning of the film?
What does Jo mean when she says "a temporary poverty had settled upon our family"?
The war made money scared, and now they're poor.
How do the March girls feel about their mother?
They love her deeply.
Who sent them the letter from the war?
their father
What is Jo's passion?
Which sister has the most musical talent?
What gift do the sisters five to the poor Hummel family?
Their Christmas meal
What does the strange smell come from?
Meg's burning hair from curling iron
Which sisters go to the ball?
Jo and Meg
What is Jo's problem at the ball?
Her dress was burnt
Who is Jo's new friend (who brings the girls home from the ball)?
What is Beth's job?
What is Meg's job?
What is Jo's job?
companion to her Aunt March
What's the new fashion that gets Amt into trouble at school?
trading limes
What does Marmee do when Amy is struck at school?
writes a letter to the school and pulls Amy out
What do the girls invite Laurie to do?
join theater club
What does Laurie give to them?
a mailbox
What does Amy do to punish Jo for going to the theater without her>
She burned her stories.
What happens to Amy on the ice?
She fell in
According to Aunt March, what is the one hope for the March family?
Meg needs to marry a rich man.
What does Miss Gardiner do to Meg?
gave her fashionable clothes
How does Meg feel after talking to Laurie?
Laurie is leaving his grandfather's house: where is he going?
Who has Meg's glove?
John Brooke
What happened to their father>
He was wounded in war.
Who is going with Marmee?
Mr. Brooke
How does Jo get money for Marmee's ticket?
She sells her hair
Who does Beth go to help?
The Hummel Family
What sickness does Beth catch?
Scarlet fever
Who has to leave while Beth is sick, and where does she go?
Amy has to leave to Aunt March
How does Mr. Laurence help?
Sends the family a doctor
Why is Hannah crying?
Beth is recovering
What surprise does Mr. Laurence have for Beth on Christmas?
a piano
Who arrives home on Christmas?
the father
Who has proposed to marry Meg?
John Brooke
What has happened with the Civil War?
it ended
What are they celebrating?
Meg's wedding
What is Amy's talent?
What is the one thing that Teddy thinks will make him happy?
marry Jo
What does Jo say to Teddy?
declines him
Where is Amy going to go?
Where is Jo going to go?
New York
What is Jo trying to do in her new city?
become a writer
Who starts to win Jo's heart?
Frederick Bhaer
How does Mr. Bhaer feel about the stories Jo has been writing?
He thinks they are fairytales and she can do better
Where does Mr. Bhaer take Jo?
Why is Amy thinking of marrying Fred Vaughan?
for his money
What did Laurie promise Amy when she was a little girl?
to kiss her before she dies
What does Bhaer want Jo to write about?
her life and soul
Why does Jo need to go home?
Beth was sick
Why is Beth brave?
she's not afraid of death
Whom does Jo ask to come home?
Where does Jo find her inspiration to write?
Beth's old box of memories
Does Meg have a daughter or son?
both, twins
What is Teddy's surprise for Jo?
his wife (her sister)
What is Marmee's idea for Aunt March's house?
make it a school
Who published Jo's book?