UK Driving Theory Test

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When are warning triangles used and how far should you place them away from the obstruction?
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On wet roads, you should increase following distance by how much?Double (4 seconds)In icy conditions, how much should you increase the following distance by?10 timesIn icy or snowy conditions, at what gear and speed should you drive?in the highest gear possible at a slow speedWhat are some signs of black ice?steering feels light and tyres may sound quieter on the road.Define tailgatingfollowing another vehicle too closelyWhat should you do if a car is following too closely behind?increase the stopping space in front of you to allow more time to stop in.How can you use the engine to control your speed?by changing to a lower gearDefine coastingkeeping the clutch down or being in neutralGive two disadvantages of coastingit gives less steering and less braking controlHow should an emergency brake be applied?Rapidly and firmlyWhen might ABS fail?On loose road conditionsWhy are ABS used?to allow you to steer while brakingWhat is the main cause of skidding?the driverWhat should you do if your car begins to skid?steer into it (eg. skid right, turn right)How should you handle driving through a ford?drive in a low gear and slowly, test your brakes afterwardsIf a trailer starts snaking what should you do?ease off of the gas and slow down gentlyWhat are some things that affect stopping distance?weather, tyre/brake conditions, speed of travel, health, ability, alertnessWhat is the stopping distance for 20mph?40 ftWhat is the stopping distance for 30mph?75 ftWhat is the stopping distance for 40mph?118 ftWhat is the stopping distance for 50mph?175 ftWhat is the braking distance for 50 mph?125 ftWhat is the stopping distance for 60mph?240 ftWhat is the stopping distance for 70 mph?315 ftWhat does a vehicle with a green flashing beacon mean?Dr on callWhat does a vehicle with blue flashing lights mean?Emergency service vehiclesWhen may you use hazard lights?when stopped and temporarily obstructing traffic, when on hard shoulder (emergency only), when traffic suddenly slow ahead on a motorwayWhen do you use parking lights?for parkingWhen do you use dipped headlights?for driving in poor conditions/at night; prevents dazzling of other driversWhen do you use full beam lights?when it won't blind others, only when the road ahead is clear of trafficWhen may you use your horn and flashing headlights?To alert others of your presence. The horn should only be used to warn for dangerWhen may you use your fog lights?When visibility is less than 100 meters (328 ft)When should you leave your parking breaks on?If parking on a 2 way road with a limit exceeding 30mphIf you have to park in fog what should you use?sidelights (parking lights)What lights should you use if surface spray occurs on the motorway?Dipped headlightsWhy shouldn't you use rear fog lights when not necessary?They will make brake lights less visible and dazzle following drivers.What kind of lights do powered vehicles (motorized wheelchairs, etc.) have?flashing amber lightWhat is the maximum speed limit for a powered vehicle (motorized wheelchair, etc.)?8mphWhat do flashing amber lights under a school warning sign do?They warn you to slow down until clear of the area.How should you reinforce signals safely?Use arm signals.What would a pedestrian in reflective clothing and carrying a red light signify?An organized walkWhat do green motorway studs signify?a sliproadWhat do red motorway studs signify?the edge of the roadWhat do amber motorway studs signify?between carriagewaysWhat do white motorway studs signify?lane markingsWhat lane should you be driving in on the motorway for normal driving?the left laneWhat lane should you be driving in on a motorway if you want to overtake?the right laneHow do you find the nearest motorway emergency phone?follow the directions on the marker postsWhat should you do when entering the motorway?Give way to traffic already on the motorwayGenerally, what lane should you be in if you are planning to leave the motorway?the left-hand laneWhat do Active Traffic Management Systems do?reduce congestionIf there are red flashing lights above all motorway lanes, what should you do?stop and waitIf there are red flashing lights above a single lane on the motorway, what should you do?Move into another lane as soon as it is safe to do soWhat is the speed limit for trailers being towed on the motorway?60mphWhat lanes can trailers being towed use on the motorway?Lanes 1 and 2; not right-hand lane unless lane closuresWho must not use motorways?Leaner drivers and motorcyclists, farm tractors, horse riders, cyclistsWhat should your initial responses be at the scene of an accident?Warn other drivers, contact authorities, DR ABC, stop bleeding, keep them warm, comfortable and accompaniedWhat does ABC stand for?airway breathing, circulationHow should you treat bleeding?Apply pressure and elevate; do not remove anything stuck in themWhat are the signs of shock?sweating, vomiting and grey skinWhat is the depth and timing of chest compressions?Depth of 4-5cm and 100 times per minuteWhen should you move casualities?ONLY when in immediate and serious dangerWhat should you not give to injured people?food, drink, cigarettesWhat does a Registration Document contain details on?registered keeper, make and model, number plate, engine sizeWho's responsibility is it that the V5C (Vehicle Registration Certificate) is updated with change of owner, address or car details?the registered keeper'sWhen should you notify the DVLA?If you change: name, permanent address, vehicle, health issues or eyesight fails to meet requirements (or you have to start wearing corrective lenses)What is the minimal level of insurance and what does it cover?Third Party, covers damage to others (people, property and vehicles)What is the maximum level of insurance and what does it cover?Fully Comprehensive, covers you and your vehicleWhat is your insurance premium?how much the insurance costs youWhat is a cover note?is it issued before you receive your insurance policyWhat is the excess of your insurance policy?the amount you have to pay for each claimWhat is the maximum specified fine for driving without insurance?5000What does standard insurance cover?Covers the named drivers to drive a specific vehicleWhat do you need in order to get Road Tax?MOT and valid insuranceSORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) lasts for how long? What does it do?Lasts for 12 months and declares that the vehicle is not being used on the roadHow long does an MOT last?one year; must be obtained once the vehicle is 3 years oldWhat must you be/have to supervise a learner driver?you must be over 21 and have had a valid full license for more than 3 yearsWhat do you need to be road legal?valid driving license, a clearly displayed and valid tax disc, proper and adequate insuranceIf you get 6 points on your license within 2 years of passing your test, what happens?You will have to reapply for your provisional license and retake both your theory and practical tests.What is the maximum speed on a dual carriageway?60 mphHow far can you park from a junction?No closer than 10m (32ft) from a junctionWhat do street lights signify?30 mph unless other signs presentWhen are you allowed to leave the engine running when you leave your vehicle?NeverWhat is the minimum legal tyre tread depth?1.6mm across central 3/4 of tyre all the way aroundWhat must you legally make sure are in good condition?Windscreen, headlights, seatbeltsWhen must passengers wear seatbelts?Always, unless medically exemptWhen must you not sound your horn?Between the hours of 11:30 pm and 7am in built up areasWho can ride in a caravan under tow?No oneWhen must you give way to buses?always, when safe to do soIf a police officer issues you with a Producer, what must you produce and where?To the police station you must produce: insurance, MOT and driving license detailsHow long do you have to produce items to the police station when requested by a police officer?7 daysHow long to you have to report an accident involving damage to the police?report within 24 hoursWhat do red lights mean?you must stop and wait behind the white stop lineWhat do green lights mean?You may proceed IF your exit is not blockedWhat do red and amber lights showing together mean?You must wait for green before crossing stop lineWhat does a solid amber light mean?stop at the stop lineWhat type of lights do pelican crossings have and what must you do at them?flashing amber light, you must give way to pedestrians already crossing. Proceed when crossing is clearWhat lights to puffin crossings have and what must you do at them?light order: green, amber, red, amber and red, green. crossing detects when it is clearWho can use toucan crossings?Cyclists and pedestriansWhat do zigzag lines at a crossing mean?no parking and no overtakingWho has priority if lights are out of order?nobodyWhat is the first sign of a train approaching at a level crossing?a solid amber lightWhat should you do if red lights are flashing at a level crossing?Stop before the barrierWhat should you do if you break down on a level crossing?Get yourself and passengers clear of the vehicle and crossing, telephone signal operator, clear crossing IF and WHEN instructedHow will a school crossing patrol signal you to stop?by displaying a stop signWhen are stop signs present?When visibility is restricted.What are the purpose of box junctions and when may you enter one?to prevent the junction becoming blocked, you may only enter if your exit is clear; also, you may wait in a yellow box junction when oncoming traffic prevents you turning rightWhat do advanced stop lines do?Allow cyclists to position in front of trafficWhat does a solid white line at the left side on the road indicate?the end of the carriagewayWhat are hazard approach lines for?To warn you of your speed on approachWhen may you cross double solid white lines?When overtaking a road maintenance vehicle travelling 10mph or lessWhich is the safest way to turn if two cars are turning right onto a crossroads?offside to offsideWho has priority at unmarked crossroad?no oneWhat should you do if a car is signaling to turn left at a junction you are pulling out of?Wait until it has committed to the turn before pulling out in frontWhat do you do when overtaking?Mirror, signal, maneuversWhen may you overtake another vehicle on the left?if you are in a one way street, when the vehicle in front of you is signaling to the right, in slow moving traffic queuesWhat is the purpose of catalytic converters?to reduce exhaust emissions and is found on the exhaust systemWhat can uneven tyre wear lead to?faults in the braking, suspension and wheel alignmentWhat might unbalanced wheels cause?steering to vibrateWhat should you do before a long journey?Check oil levelWhat does it suggest if your vehicle keeps bouncing when testing suspension?worn shock absorbersWhat should be used to fill up batter fluid and how much?Distilled water, just above the cell platesWhat causes brake fade?Brakes overheatingWhat will aid in vehicle handling of a caravan/trailer?a stabilizerWhat is a breakaway cable?aa safety device added to the trailer breaking systemWhen should you inflate tyres more than recommended?when carrying a heavy load, when roads are slipperyHow should old oil be disposed?correctly at the local authority sightWhere should you take a used battery?a garage or local authority site.What kind of car uses 'kick-down' and why?An automatic, and to drop a gear and accelerate quicklyWhat do underinflated tyres lead to?increased fuel consumption and affects breakingWhen should you check tyre pressure?When tyres are coldHow much more fuel does driving at 70mph use then 50pmh?30 percent more fuelBy how much can driving smoothly reduce consumption?15%What do unused roof racks do?Waste fuelHow much of all emissions does road transport account for?20%What do loose filler caps do?waste money and fuel, and cause potential danger to other road users as it is slipperyWhat does Pass Plus do?Improves skills and reduces insurance costsWhat direction can a horse rider go in in the left-hand lane?Any directionHow do you pass horse riders?slow and wideIf a pedestrian has a white stick with a red band, what does this mean?they are deaf and bindWhat does a dog wearing a yellow or burgundy coat warn of?a deaf pedestrianHow can you deter theft?get the number plate etched in the windowsWhat signifies an area reserved for trams?there may be white line markings, and a different surface colour or textureWhat should you do in traffic calming areas?reduce your speedHow should you park on a hill?Steer towards the kerb and apply the handbrake fullyWhen parking and leaving a car what should you do?engage the steering lockIf you are parking facing uphill...turn the steering wheel to the leftIf you are parking facing downhill...turn your front wheels towards the curb or the right shoulder