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What is Banduras social learning theory based onobservations of learning ocurring through observing the behaviour of othersWhat did Bandura suggest of children wanting to copyThey may want to copy unwanted behaviour such as hittingBandura suggest there was four stages of behavioural learning1. child notices the behaviour of others which could be someone close to them or someone they admire 2. The child internalises the action by remembering what they have observed 3. Although They may not copy straight away but they will produce the behaviour when the opportunity comes 4. depending on the outcome ( positive or negative reinforcement) children will either repeat the action or desistWhat did Bandura base his theory onA famous experiment using a bobo doll in which he demonstrated that children learn and copy aggressive behaviour by observing adults behave aggressively.Critisms of Banduras theoryHis theory is criticised against other theories who believed it ignores biological states and autonomic nervous system responsesstress - diathesis modelA model to explain how stress caused by life events (nurture ) can interact with an individuals vulnerability to impact on their mental well beingAccording to this theorysome people are born with certain biological or genetic predispositions to a mental illness referred to as diathesisA person who has a genetic predisposition might not develop the disorder if theydo not experience stress in their lifeWhat is a predispositionA possibility you will develop a certain conditionWhat does genetic predisposition meaninherited genes that determine physical growth, development and health appearancecystic fibrosis- caused by a faulty gene -gene is recessive/ both parents must be carriers for their children to develop cystic fibrosis - people with this condition suffer from respiratory and chest infectionsBrittle bone disease- may be passed from a childrens parent - children with this disease are at risk of breaking or fracturing their bones because the bones develop without the right type of protein called collagen - To help strengthen their bones children can get help by physiotherapy, assistive equipment and drug treatmentsPhenylketonuria-rare genetic disorder that prevents a child from breaking down phenylalanine an amino acids found in many foods such as meat eggs and milk If the child eats fodds that contain phenylalalnine then there is a built up of harmful substances in the body that damages brain developmentHuntington's disease- causes progressive damage to certain nerve cells in the brain - effect muscle coordination , cause mental decline , and behavioural changes - psychiatric problems , problems associated with feeding , communication and erratic behaviourKlinefelter's syndrome- caused by the extra copies of X chromosomes or two x chromosomes and one y chromosome in males - symptoms can include low energy levels, weak bones reduced fat, lack of facial hair. - This effects mainly malesDown's syndrome-Occurrs as a result of extra chromosome - one-off genetic mistake in the sperm or egg - life expectancy with those with down syndrome is between 50 to 60 yearsColour blindness-No colour perception at all - result of abnormality in the retina - other people will experience the condition as a result of other diseases such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis - ageing process or certain types of medication can affect colour recognitionDuchenne muscular dystrophycaused by genetic mutations on the x chromosome prevents the body from producing protein called dystrophin which is essential for building and repairing musclescancer- cell disease - most cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors - some people are more at risk because they have an inherited gene faults that increase their riskDiabetesChronic condition - Factors such as the environment and lifestyle are more likely to play a role in type 2 - genetic risks of developing type 1 is higher if both parents have it - risk for type 2 is 90% if you have an identical twin which is diabeticHigh blood cholestrol- unhealthy diet , smoking , lack of exercise increases the risk of bad cholesterol - cause heart disease and cardiovascular diseases - Too much cholesterol can lead to a build up in the artery walls