Fitness Standards and Repairs

The main thing to consider about the fitness of a dwelling is the ?? and safety of the people living there.
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If a landlord does not carry out repairs that are their responsibility under Section ?? of the ?? and ?? Act ??, in certain cases the tenant has the right to withhold the ??, even if the tenancy agreement states that they are not allowed to. However this is expected to be repaid once the work is done.
The local authority ?? ?? ?? for a Category 1 Hazard The local authority ?? ?? whether or not to take action for a Category 2 Hazardmust take action may chooseLocal authorities can take a variety of action including 4 things-Improvement notices -prohibition orders -hazard awareness notices -take emergency action, or issue demolition, or clearance orders (not applicable for category 2)The local authority can serve notices on the landlord or on the agent ?? ?? to be taken. Landlords cannot ?? ?? ?? notice for ?? months from the date of service of a relevant notice by the local authorityrequiring action serve a section 21 notice 6 months