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Why are these yellow lines painted across the road?
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For how long is a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) valid?Until the vehicle is taxed, sold or scrappedWhen must you notify the licensing authority?When your health affects your drivingWhat information is found on a vehicle registration document?The registered keeperWhat must you have when you apply to renew your vehicle tax?Valid insuranceA police officer asks to see your documents. You don't have them with you. Within what time must you produce them at a police station?7 daysWhat's the maximum fine for driving without insurance?unlimitedIn which circumstances may you use hazard warning lights?When driving on a motorway to warn traffic behind of a hazard aheada vehicle with an amber flashing light. What could this be?A disabled person's vehicleYou've just passed these warning lights. What hazard would you expect to see next?school crossing patrolYou're driving towards this left-hand bend. What dangers should you be aware of?Pedestrians walking towards youWhat does the solid white line at the side of the road indicate?Edge of the carriagewayWhen driving a car fitted with automatic transmission, what would you use 'kick down' for?Quick accelerationYou're driving along this motorway. It's raining. What should you do when following this lorry?Be aware of spray reducing your visionYou arrive at the scene of a motorcycle crash. No other vehicle is involved. The rider is unconscious and lying in the middle of the road. What's the first thing you should do at the scene?Warn other trafficAn adult casualty isn't breathing. To maintain circulation, CPR should be given. What's the correct depth to press down on their chest?5 to 6 centimetresYou see a car on the hard shoulder of a motorway with a 'help' pennant displayed. What does this mean?The driver is likely to be a disabled personA person has been injured. They may be suffering from shock. What are the warning signs to look for?Pale grey skinYour vehicle has a puncture on a motorway. What should you do?Pull up on the hard shoulder. Use the emergency phone to get assistanceYou've broken down on a two-way road. You have a warning triangle. At least how far from your vehicle should you place the warning triangle?45 metres (147 feet)What should you do as you approach a long road tunnel?Make sure your radio is tuned to the frequency shownYou lose control of your car and damage a garden wall. No-one is around. What must you do?Report the incident to the police within 24 hoursYou're travelling along a motorway. When are you allowed to overtake on the left?When in queues and traffic to your right is moving more slowly than you areYou're on a motorway and there are red flashing lights above every lane. What must you do?Stop and waitWhere are red reflective studs on the motorway located ?Between the hard shoulder and the carriagewayWhere are the white reflective studs on the motorway located ?Between lanesWhere are the amber reflective studs on the motorway located ?Between the carriageway and the central reservationWhere are the green reflective studs on the motorway located ?Along slip road exits and entrancesWhere are the bright green/yellow reflective studs on the motorway located ?At roadworks and contraflow systemsWhat's used to reduce traffic bunching on a motorway?Variable speed limitsWhat should you do when driving or riding along a motorway?Look much further ahead than you would on other roadsYou've had a breakdown on the hard shoulder of a motorway. When the problem has been fixed, how should you rejoin the main carriageway?Gain speed on the hard shoulder before moving out onto the carriagewayTraffic officers operate on motorways and some primary routes in England and Wales. What are they authorised to do?Stop and direct anyone on a motorwayWhat's the maximum speed of powered wheelchairs or scooters used by disabled people?8 mphPass either side to get to the same destination signblue circle with two diagonal arrows pointing downA diversion route signWhat does this white arrow on the road ahead mean?Keep left of the hatched markingsWhat is a single broken line along the centre of the road, with long markings and short gaps?A hazard warning line.What's the reason for the yellow criss-cross lines painted on the road here?To prevent queuing traffic from blocking the junction on the leftRoad markings on road humpsYou see this amber traffic light ahead. Which light, or lights, will come on next?Red aloneno stopping signblue circle with red X and borderWhich shape is used for a 'give way' sign?upside down triangleWhat's the maximum speed on a single carriageway road?60 mphWhich sign means that pedestrians may be walking along the road?red upside down triangleWhat should you do when approaching traffic lights where red and amber are showing together?Wait for the green lightOther drivers may sometimes flash their headlights at you. In which situation are they allowed to do this?To warn you of their presencenational speed limit when carrying a trailer on a single carriageway50 mphWhat's the national speed limit on a single carriageway road for cars and motorcycles?60 mphWhat's the nearest you may park to a junction?10 mYou park at night on a road with a 40 mph speed limit. What should you do?Park with parking lights onYou're driving at night with your headlights on full beam. A vehicle is overtaking you. When should you dip your lights?As soon as the vehicle passes youOn which occasion may you enter a box junction?When your exit road is clearWhere may you overtake on a one-way street?either right or leftOn a three-lane dual carriageway, what can the right-hand lane be used for?Overtaking or turning rightThere are no speed-limit signs on the road. How is a 30 mph limit indicated?By street lightingWhen can you park on the right-hand side of a road at night?When you're in a one-way streetWhat should you do when parking your vehicle facing downhill?Turn the steering wheel towards the kerbWhat will help when you're trying to move off on snow?Use a higher gear than normalYou're driving along a wet road. How can you tell if your vehicle's tyres are losing their grip on the surface?The steering will feel very lightWhat should you do when crossing a ford?low gear and slowYou're driving down a long, steep hill. You suddenly notice that your brakes aren't working as well as normal. What's the usual cause of this?The brakes overheatingYou're braking on a wet road. Your vehicle begins to skid. It doesn't have anti-lock brakes. What's the first thing you should do?Release the footbrakeHow would you identify a section of road used by trams?There would be a different surface textureWhat's a rumble device designed to do?Alert you to a harzardYou're driving in fog. Why should you keep well back from the vehicle in front?In case it stops suddenlyYou have to make a journey in fog. What should you do before you set out?Make sure that the windows are cleanWhat's most likely to cause high fuel consumption?Harsh braking and acceleratingWhat's the legal minimum depth of tread for car tyres?1.6 mmThe fluid level in your battery is low. What should you top it up with?Distilled waterWhat will happen if your car's wheels are unbalanced?The steering will vibrateWhat does it mean if whilst driving a light comes on that is a red square with an exclamation mark in the centre of a black circle?A fault in the braking systemYou're testing your suspension. You notice that your vehicle keeps bouncing when you press down on the front wing. What does this mean?Worn shock absorbersHow can you lessen the risk of your vehicle being broken into at night?Leave it in a well-lit areaUp to how much more fuel will you use by driving at 70 mph, compared with driving at 50 mph?30%Which of the following shouldn't be kept in your vehicle?The vehicle registration documentHow will a roof rack affect your car's performance?Fuel consumption will increaseIt's essential that tyre pressures are checked regularly. When should this be done?When tyres are coldYou need to top up your battery. What level should you fill it to?Just above the cell platesWhich driving technique can help you save fuel?Missing out some gearsOn a vehicle, where would you find a catalytic converter?On the exhaust systemYou're parked on the road at night. Where must you use parking lights?Where the speed limit exceeds 30 mphYou're carrying a five-year-old child in the back seat of your car. They're under 1.35 metres (4 feet 5 inches) tall. A correct child restraint isn't available. How should you seat them?Using an adult seat beltWhat will improve fuel consumption?Reducing your speedPowered vehicles used by disabled people are small and hard to see. How do they give early warning when on a dual carriageway?They'll have a flashing amber lightcycle route ahead signYou see a pedestrian carrying a white stick with a red band. What does this tell you?They're deaf and blindWhere should you never overtake a cyclist?Just before you turn leftschool bus signyellowAt night, you see a pedestrian wearing reflective clothing and carrying a bright red light. What does this mean?`You're approaching an organised walkWhich sign means that there may be people walking along the road?You're on a country road. What should you expect to see coming towards you on your side of the road?PedestriansOverall stopping distance is made up of thinking distance and braking distance. You're on a good, dry road surface, with good brakes and tyres. What's the typical braking distance from 50 mph?38 m / 125 feetWhen would you use the right-hand lane on a three-lane motorway ?When you're overtakingYou intend to turn left from a main road into a minor road. What should you do as you approach it?Keep well to the left of the roadHow can you use your vehicle's engine to control you speed?By changing to a lower gearWhen are anti-lock brakes (ABS) most effective?When you brake promptly and firmly until you've stoppedYou're driving along this road. The driver on the left is reversing from a driveway. What should you do ?Sound your horn and be prepared to stopWhat does a hump sign mean ?Humps in the roadTraffic signs giving orders are generally which shape?circleyYou've just passed your practical test. You don't hold a full license in another category. Within two years you get six penalty points on your license. What will you have to do ?Retake your theory and practical testsYou're driving on the motorway in windy conditions. What should you do as you pass a high-sided vehicle?Be wary of a sudden gustYou see a pedestrian waiting at a zebra crossing. What should you normally do ?Stop to let them cross and wait patientlyYou're driving on an open road in dry weather. What should the distance be between you and the vehicle in front?A two-second time gap