Role of education

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What is the functionalist perspective on society?
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1. Transmits society's culture + acts as a mini society to prepare for wider one by creating a collective consensus where all follow same rules and what's right/wrong. Binds us despite difference since same rules apply to everyone.
2. Teaches individuals special knowledge/skills needed to pay part in social division of labour.
As focal socialisation agency acting as the bridge between family and adult roles in wider society since both school and society based on meritocratic principles.:
-In family child judged by particularistic (individual) standards and status ascribed. But in school + wider society status=achieved and judged by same universalistic/impersonal standards.
-Selecting + allocating pupils to future work roles by matching attitudes/abilities to job their best suited to.
-Society must distribute members into different positions meaning there should be system of unequal rewards to motivate training for top positions e.g. streaming
-inequality=fair: if have talent + put in effort you get rewarded e.g. doing well on exams everyone gets leads to qualifications and position in stratification system.
Evaluation of the functionalist perspective as a whole-Marxists argue education in capitalist society transmits ruling class ideology and not shared values in society. -interactionists argue functionalism is an over socialised view of people as puppets and that pupils possibly accept all they're taught + never reject school values.New right perspective: What is neoliberalism and what does it believe about economy?An economic doctrine with influence on education policy.. -Argues state shouldn't provide education, health, welfare and we should not try to regulate free market economy. -encourages completion + privatise state run businessNew right perspective: Neoliberals view on education?Value of education= how well it enables country to compete in global marketplace. Achieved by schools becoming more like businesses = empowers parents/pupils as consumers + using competition to drive up standards.New right perspective: What is it?Conservative political view with belief state can't meet needs so should be left to meet own needs through free market.New right perspective: Similarities between new right and functionalism-believe some more naturally talented than others. -favour education system run on meritocratic principles to open competition, to serve economy by preparing pupils for work. -Education should socialise pupils into shared values