Regular Present Tense/Spanish

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hablahe/she/usted speakshablamoswe speakhablanthey speakcomerto eatcomemoswe eatcomoI eatcomesyou eat ((tú)comenthey eatcorrerto runcorroI runcorresyou run (tú)correhe runscorremoswe runcorrenthey runverto seeveoI seevesyou see (tú)vehe seesvemoswe seeventhey seenuncaneversiemprealwayscaminarto walkcaminoI walkcaminasyou walk (informal)caminahe/she walkscaminamoswe walkcaminanthey walkabrirto openAbroI openabrehe/she opensabresyou (informal) openabrimoswe openabrenthey openmirarto look (at);to watchmiroI look atmirasyou look atMirahe/she looks atmiramoswe look atmiranthey look atTenerto havetengoI haveTienesyou have (familiar)Tienehe/she/it hasTenemoswe haveTienenthey have/you all haveSerto beSoyI ameresyou areEshe/she isSomoswe areSonThey arellevarto wearllevoI wearllevasyou wearLlevahe/she wearsllevamoswe wearllevanthey wearestoyI amestásyou areEstáhe/she/it isestamoswe areEstánthey are

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