Why did America lose the Vietnam war?

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Under which President did the American increase the number of Special Advisers in Vietnam to 16000 in 1962? (Give his surname)
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What was the name of the village in which US forces massacred over 100 civilians in 1968?My LaiWhat was the name given to the supply line that the North Vietnamese used to move men and supplies through Cambodia and into South Vietnam?Ho Chi Minh trailWhat was the name of the rules governing the way that the North Vietnamese Army were told to treat civilians?Mao's Army CodeWhat caused 11% of US combat deaths between 1965 and 1970?Booby TrapsIn which year was the Tet Offensive launched?1968What was the surname of the CBS broadcaster who visited Vietnam after the Tet Offensive and recommended that his country withdrew from the war?CronkiteHow many US servicemen were killed in 1968?14000How many billion dollars was war costing the US each month in 1968? (give a figure)2How many joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War rally in Washington in May 1971?250000In which year did Australia withdraw its troops from Vietnam?1970How many people joined an anti-war rally outside the US Embassy in London in October 1968?25000