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I'm a psychological and behavioural science student at the LSE which is a very broad subject with vast application so i really enjoy that
Alongside studies I have a lot of experience in the research field working a lot with big data sets such as NHS trust level data looking at the performance and satisfaction levels of employees across the NHS, particularly trying to understand predictors of job satisfaction and how that affects patient outcomes, as well as that I've been involved in projects trying to understand how artificial intelligence will be leveraged in the future in certain industries
I'd also say I'm a person who is very enthusiastic about introducing positive changes wherever I'm working. So whilst working with the charity Subwize I led a marketing team which did a number of things to target young people because they were becoming less and less likely to seek out subwizes services. So i led the team in our efforts to reach out to schools, with fundraiser events and enhancing their social media accounts
I've also worked part time in a restaurant in central london for about 3 years, so of course built up a lot of good communication skills but as well as that was also able to implemented a waiting area strategy which increased beverage consumption by 10% so I'm always someone whos trying to improve current systems, current ways of doing things
Right now I'm trying to begin my professional career. And so of course I'd love a role which collaborates the parts of me that love research, problem solving and working with other people which are things I really enjoy so that's why I applying for this internship with dore partnership so it's a pleasure to speak to you today and find out more about the opportunity
Assisting a lot with the researching content, previous literature and impact of research
And i've worked on a number of large data sets such as NHS trust level data
Looking at the effect of staff engagement (commitment/enthusiastic about work - looking at questionnaire answers as well as behavioural aspects like the amount of days staff miss work and things of that nature) and looking at its effect on patient outcomes (patient satisfaction survey)
Also trying to uncover where there are differences in staff engagement throughout the organisation, such as differences ethnically, between occupations
Found that, there was a difference in the level of engagement between different occupation and i discovered that staff having opportunities to make important decisions affects engagement and consequently affects performance at work
And from the research I was able to conclude that connecting employees with the values of the organisation, and ensuring staff understand that their work is meaningful, would help to improve patient outcomes
So currently we are really trying to test effective ways of improving engagement, and I suggested that the NHS revise the way performance is measured and accomplishments are celebrated to ensure staff understand the meaningfulness of their work -- and of course this could be really important in improving patients outcomes
- But I was wondering I'm sure theres some sort of metric to measure peoples performance once they get into the role but I was wondering if you've seen that individuals who are most successful in a given role are those who show a genuine passion for the mission of a certain company