Life in Nazi Germany 1933-1939

Aims of police state
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Women (impact) 2- Women were forced into more traditional clothing - In the 1920s women had the right to vote, however when Hitler came to power he believed that they should not be involved in politicsYouth (aims) 3- To indoctrinate young people - Ensure they grew up to become loyal Nazis - Prepare boys for army, girls for motherhoodYouth (methods) 4- Teachers were forced to join Nazi teachers education - Race studies was introduced to the curriculum, taught that Aryans were superior - Domestic Science (girls only) - Mein Kampf was an obligatory school textYouth (impact)- 95% of the Hitler youth backed the Nazi's - Many obeyed the Nazi's more than their own parents - The quality of education in schools had worsened - There were rival groups I.e Swing Kids and Edelwiss PiratesWorkers (aims) short term + long term- Short term = bring down unemployment - Long term = reshape economy into a 'war economy', focusing on Autarky = self sufficiencyWorkers (method)- Gathered many men for military training, enlisted 90% of children in Hitler youthWorkers (impact) 3- The army now had 900,000 members - Unemployment fell 1933 - 6 Million to 1.6 million in 1936. Finally 0.5 by 1938. - Production of plastic rise 460%