cardiac rehailitation

bed rest vs move early
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education, lifestyle risk factor management, psychosocial health, medical risk management, long-term strategies, audit and evaluatesix core componentsin hospital pre-discharge (assess, educate, reassure, assess risk) mobilise, discharge planningphase 1at home post discharge, personal exercise programme, stress management and reinforce health education, daily exercise routines around the home, telephone contact if necessaryphase 2community, exercise programme individualised, assess capacity to exercise, multi-modal, health education and psycho-social supportphase 3MDT, nurses, physio, exercise, diet ETCpeople involved in rehabilitationwarm up, aerobic circuit exercise, resistance (only a little), cool downstructured exercise programmeborg scale aim for moderate 4-6 levelwhat scale do we use to measure exercisecope with illness, improve QOL, improve complianceeducation helps patients toassess diet, calories sat fats and salt, target 20-25 BMI, target waist of 38/34 m/f, reduce calories, exercise moreweight optimisation is the process in which patientsstop, stop if need be smoking cessation programmesmoking cessation advicelow sat fats, increase poly/monounsaturates, complex carbs, adequate proteins, increase fibre, plant based food at 2000-2500 calories a daynutrition reomendationscreen for distress, anger, depression anxiety, enquire about social issues like isolation, occupation, marital/partner problems, sexual dysfuctionpsycho-social managementlife-long maintenance, unsupervised exercise, any setting up to patient, moderate 60-70% cardiac effort exercisephase 4co-morbidity, too ill, apathy, lack home support, geography/transport, group session, exercise modality, return to work, other commitmentbarriers to recruitment/uptakealternative delivery, home/online, make multimodality possibleimproving recruitmentdeliver 6 core components by MDT, prompt ID and recruitment of patients, early assessment, early provision of rehab, assess individual needs on completion, data submission to auditsix standards to cardiac rehabadress variation in standards and inequality in provision, NICE guidelines, KPI's identified and action plans developed, re-auditclinical audits, use3 different staff types, all priority groups included, phase 3 lasts 8 weeks and starts <33 days (hid 46 days CABG), assessment initially from hospital, final assessment after completionKPI's of cardiac rehab