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· This poem is clearly set on the Yorkshire Moors and holds a strong sense of place. Charlotte often went walking on the moors that she could see from her home. All of the sisters found solace and beauty in the rugged landscape.
· The Victorian age was self-consciously religious. Britain's greatness, Victorians believed -- its prosperity, political liberties and Empire -- was rooted in Christian and Protestant faith.
· The Crisis of Faith refers to an event in the Victorian era in which much of Europe's middle class begins to doubt what is written in the book of Genesis as a reliable source in accordance of how the universe was created.
· A relatively new science, geology, becomes popular in the Victorian Age. Geologists begin to discover concrete evidence of earth's processes which did not add up to the events written about in the book of Genesis. In particular, there is a break through in geology proving that the earth is at least a thousand years older than the Bible suggests.
· Evangelical religious figures began agreeing that the book of Genisis should not be taken literally over the recent scientific studies. In order to keep the faith from being abandoned due to gaps in religious credibility, religious leaders had to accept that certain elements of the bible were figurative.
· Crisis of faith; religious leaders had to revaluate
· Rainbow: noahs arch; a symbol of gods promis to the symbol of the world that he forgives them and hes sorry. It's a symbol of hope for humanity has better way forwards.