2.9 equine respiratory passageways

what does it mean that horses are obligate nasal breathers?
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target area for equine euthanasiafrontal sinus1- pharyngeal recess 2- auditory tube openings 3- laryngeal adituslabelguttural pouchesdiverticulum formed by the auditory tube in horses. lined with respiratory epithelium- prone to infection (often fungal). this infection more significant bc important blood vessels course close to the pouch. also, ventral to each pouch are the retropharyngeal lymph nodes, which could trace infection into compartmentschronic infection of guttural pouchpressure on cranial nerves (IX, X)- leads to pharyngeal paralysis and/or laryngeal paralysis damage to facial nerve (VII) Haemorrhage from int. carotid artery- fatalstranglesabscess in retropharyngeal lymph nodes