2.9 larynx structure and function

5= longis capitis muscle
6= common carotid artery, vagosympathetic trunk, & medial retropharyngeal lymph nodes
7&8= maxillary and lingofacial veins
9= thyroid cartilage
10= oesp[hagus
11= sternohyoid muscles
12= sternomastoid muscles
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the glottis controls what about the air entering the trachea?the amount of air closes during swallowinghow does the larynx protect the lower respiratory passageways during swallowinginhibits inspirationhow is the larynx involved in vocalization?narrowing and widening of the glottis causes air to vibrate the vocal folds.how is pitch altered?the length and tension of the vocal folds though the action of Cricothyroid mm. / Thyroarytenoid mm.