2.9 topographic anatomy of the ventral neck, & the thoracic cavity

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2= right ventricle 3= left ventricle 5= right atrium 6= pulmonary trunklabel (heart)The cupula of the diaphragm extends to approx. the 6th rib at the end of expirationThe trachea bifurcates about Twhat in the canine thorax?t5The cupula of the diaphragm extends to approx. which rib at the end of expiration6thwhat is in the carotid sheath?common carotid artery, vasosympathethic trunk7 contents of the thoracic cavitythe lungs, the heart, part of the trachea, the oesophagus, the thymus, the great vessels and nerves, and the thoracic duct and lymph nodespleural sacsa serous membrane consisting of visceral and parietal layer- separated by pleural cavity containing pleural fluid each lung resides within a pleural sacorgans and structures within the mediastinum•The heart (within the pericardial sac) •The trachea •The oesophagus •The thymus (juv.) •The great vessels & nerves* •The thoracic duct and lymph nodesorgans and structures that lie outwith the mediastinumThe lungs (within the pleural sacs) The caudal vena cava (*plus right phrenic nerve caudal to the heart)- visible right lateral view1- diaphragmatic pleura 2- visceral pleura 3- mediastinal pleuralabelvisceral pleuracovers the surface of the lungsparietal pleuralines the medistinum, diaphragm, and thoracic wall