Module 14- imaging the emergency patient

skin fold lines
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Focused assessment with sonography in trauma pericardial site (ventral, 5-6 intercostal) chest tube site (dorsolateral, 7-9 intercostal)tFASTFocused assessment with sonography in trauma assesses abdominal and pericardial fluidFASTperitoneal fluid can see: organs not visible loss of serosal detail loss of SI wall only lumenal gaswhat illness is shown here?peritoneal fluid possibly from rupture of: liver spleen bladder GI tract *if gas a fluid, then GI tract rupture*this anechoic line between organs suggests?peritoneal gaswhat is this?peritonitiswhat does this bunching/clumping of intestines suggest?GI gas big farts incomingwhat is shown here?Gastric dilation-volvulus GDV (twisted stomach) can see: rotated stomach dilated small intestinewhat illness is shown here?hematomawhat is wrong with this spleen?urinary rupture can see: anechoic area around the organwhat illness is shown here?urinary rupturewhat illness is shown here?sternum dislocation -do not treat, leave alone-what problem can you see here?dislocation of spinewhat problem can you see here?labellabelmarked subcut air tracheal wall highlighted pneumomediastinum heart shadow raised from sternum and gas beneath caudal lobes collapsed from thoracic wall black area (gas) around lobes pneumothorax lobes increase in soft tissue opacity pulmonary contusion avulsion of rib 7can you list all of the issues with this cat?poor abdominal details indicates fluid suspicious gas in peritoneal cavity ruptured viscus diagnosis: peritonitiscan you list all of the issues here and make a diagnosis?cardiac shadow wider and taller than normal, football shaped margins still sharp pericardial effusionwhat can you see and what is your diagnosis