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The Queen granted him a royal charter to explore and colonise North America in return for one fifth of all gold or silver that might be there.
The "Roanoke Expedition" of 1585 was an expedition to Virginia lead by Richard Grenville and Ralph Lane due to Raleigh's absent ordered by the Queen.
At the end of July 1585, Ralph Lane took up his role as the colonels govern and began the urgent task of building a small wooden fort. This included houses, a storehouse, workshops and a church. The plan was to settle 600 men on Roanock but was quickly abandoned. Instead Ralph Lane remained with 107 of the colonists whilst Grenville returned to England for more supplies.lane and his men began to explore the territory which the English had names Virginia but during the Autumn of 1585 lack of food became a troubling issue.The Algonquian Chief, Wingina, who ruled over Roanoke and neighbouring territory on the mainland, was wary of the English cool onsite. He knew that they would be forced to depend on his people for food during the coming winter months. The Algonquian began to run out of food for their families during the winter of 1585 - 1586. Lane learned that Wingina was planning to attack the colony and he made a preemptive strike. Wingina was killed and the Algonquian became increasingly hostile. In 1586 a fleet of ships led by Francis Drake came to rescue them. Raleigh plan to establish an English colony in North America ended in failure however the English adventurers had learned a lot about America.