Biology Paper 2 Mock

Maintaining a stable internal environment.
-The regulation inside your body to keep cells in the right positions to function properly, including the right conditions for enzyme action.
-automatic control systems in the body (inc. nervous and hormonal systems) control body temp, blood glucose levels etc.
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Body temperature is controlled by negative feedback:
1. Temperature receptors detect whether the core body temp is too high/low.
2.Thermoregulatory centre acts as a coordination centre and triggers effectors automatically when info from receptors is received.
3.Effectors produce a response and counteract the change.
Pituitary gland:
(behind nose, near underside of brain)
- Hormones produces act on other glands, directing them to produce hormones to bring about change.
(female reproductive system)
-produce oestrogen for menstrual cycle.

(male reproductive system)
-Produce Testosterone to control puberty & sperm production.

-Produces thyroxine to regulate metabolism, heart rate and temperature.

Adrenal Gland:
(on top of kidneys)
-Produces adrenaline for 'fight or flight' response.

(behind stomach)
-Produces insulin to regulate blood glucose levels.