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contention within the shema of one god who demands total obedience from the people
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bablyonic talmud-
dead will wake in their clothes
HASDAI CRESCAS- medieval philosopher proposed that since in our lifetime body and soul co exist there is meaning there will be both punishment and reward for both
led to orthodox jews taking exreme car of preserving their body to ensure body remains in the imge of god.. no tattoos or piercings
sacks- jewish religion places great emphasis on family life it is within this emphasis we are to regard family life as a great strength of judaism raising a family is considered a sacred duty as sets the standard of faith for children it is within the family unit that jewish children start their journey living as a jew and how to apply mitzvot and how they carry out the rest of jewish liveit is where one generation passes its values to the ext and ensures continuity of a civilisationtenakh- authentication of the role that family life has in shaping a childs identity and therefore is expected to raise thou children to be momral people hence a good- strong family lifeteach a child how he should live and he will remember for the rest of his lifesichot- how peseach inforces jewish identity through directly reminding jews of their relationship with god and covenants that are fundamental to jewish faithcustoms give our children strong jewish identity and the sense they are part of a nation chosen by godrobinson- mikdash me'at / a small sanctuary subsequently on moving to a new dwelling life in the home will undergo a ceremony which indicates it is not only a place to live but a place for family life to flourish main strength of judaism as influences value handed down providing a jewish sanctuarywhere else would the values of faith be handed down besides the family?.. the jewish home is the place where children, adolescents and even young adults receive their most important training in jewishnesspittsburgh platform 1885- reform jews can be seen as more successful in assimilation into secular society showing it is posible reform jews do not keep kashrut at all rejected the notion at the pittsburgh platformobstruct than to further modern spiritual elavationhoffman- seek assimilation and actively remove obstacles that prevented this stopped following laws of kashrut etcthis has evolved from the desire to facilitate relations with non jewsdosick- assimilation is somewhat prevented due to the inability to reconcile rituals and requirements of jewish rite of passage this jewish law means jews struggle to accept legislation as if there is a police autopsy this will directly affect jews- jews also wish to facilitate closely to a jewish cemetary meaning found again to segregatefuneral and burial of deceased take place as soon after the death as possible ideally within 24 hoursunterman- parents wish to access jewish education rather than secular educationcushion effect on gentile environmentrobinson haredi jews actively choose not to assimilate and follow every law given from both the torah and oral law expressed in extreme modesty in appearence- men bearded, kippot payot black and white suit instant visibility leaving open to ridicule live in closed communities enablinh fulfillment of mitzvot eg burial and kashrutproclaims him servant to godstanley stoffa- people moving away from cardiff can be suggested to increase segregation as jews put emphasis on jewish identity by leaving mainstream society in which they are born may suggest assimilation equates to loss of identityif you wanted to bring up your family with alo of jewish school you cannot in cardiffpilkington- festivals reinforce identity by virtue of the fact that usually it is non observant jews seem to immerse themselves in pinacle celebrations join the community and reaffirm faithcould be argued that to understand the high holy days is to understand judaismclose mitzvot- every day expression of jewish faith a definitive aspect of jewish identity as should aim according to orthodox community to fulfil all 613 offering a point to which jewish identity integrates into real life rather then being as a result of social pressurethe rituals of god are thus remained relevant and real to the lives of peoplerabbi jonothansacks- beit sefer during times of oppression eg 1881 pogroms at a time when jews were prohibited from actie civilisation were still able to learn and teach children through synagogue proving main purposethroughout the centuries when the vast majority of europe was illiterate jews maintained an educational infrastructure as their highest priority lay at the heart of the jewish ability to survive catastropheMaimonides mikveh dates back to temple special pool for spiritual cleanness jews immerse themselves during times of impurity menstural bleeding, before yom kippur about intention having synagogue at heart of community enables jewish obligations to be fulfilled as jews intend otherwise would be harder to maintain jewish lifestyle and assimilation may ensueuncleanness... scriptural decree dependent on the heartmillgram- for orthodox synagogue acts as a replacement for the temple that was destroyed in 586 BCE king solomon built the temple modelled on the sanctuary as jews were exiled to babylonic society ANDERSON discussed that it was unclear whether people could worship one god in the land controlled by another god but it was found many took the teachings of the temple into another house of learning which preserved judaism therefore without preservation of faith jewish nation would have likely lost faithsynagogue provided itslef most effective preserver of ancienct sancities and kept national memoryde lange jewish home can be seen equally important to the synagogue defining rituals come out eg dipping apple into honeyit is within the home the sweetness of festivals come outmelanie j wright jewish religion is centralised around the covenant relationship pesach is significant as commemorates how jews escaped slavery and entered into covenant relationship at sinai spiritual redemptioneach generation is encouraged to regard itself as standing on the edge of redemption emphasising the important links between sense of history and contemporary identity with jewish peoplebaal shem tov during a time of economic decline in eastern europe scholrship focused judaism became increasingly inaccessible for jews unable to afford educqation and therefore illiterate hasidisism particularly the baal shem tov created a more accesible religion and therefore has been said to be the influence for the survival of judaism as without judaism wouldve been left to the select minority and likely to have died outgod loves all jews without distinction the greatest torah genius and most simple jew are loved equally by godkotsker rebbe hasidism has kept identity intact even during times of hardship eg holocaust fulfilling all mitzvot including be fruitful and multiplier has led to fast multiplication and growth of the movementeverything must be done for the sake of heavenvilla gaon 1772 issued a ban of excommunication no reconcilliation possibleas a result of our sins wicked and worthless men known as the hasidim have left the jewish fold and have set up their own place of worhsipcohn sherbock not necessarily devisive just a part of a divisive religiom post enlightenmentjewish people have fragmented into a wide range of subgroups espousing competing interpretations of the traditiondorff and newman ethical teachings may be seen as effective as long as remain true to the principes of the covenant by use of halakihc guidance firstly precedent from classical jewish and rabbinic literature are identified secondly principles are adduced thirdly appliedjewish teaching must be appropriated and interpreted if it is to provide authentic moral guidance to modern jewsgordis solomon records doubt around the reliability of the halakhic method gordis suggests some rulings dont stem from halakihc agreement but by underlying disapproval therefore ineffective guide for livingrevulsion at the notion of a married woman being impregnated by another mans spermtendler strong advocate of embryonic research as claims embryo doesnt have a soul until 40 days after gestation opposed BLEICH who says embryonic research is tandamnount to killing a lifethe hope of mankindchief rabbi- various opinions such as tendler bleich still come to a conclusive statement made in response to uk giving permission for regulating cloning embryos suggests ethical teachings are effectivethe spirit of jewish law welomes any technological advances which have the potential of enhancing human lifedorff pikuach nefesh they are justified in claiming ethical teachings as we have obligation to save protect and preserve life a duty in doing so therefore stem cell research can bring new remedies jews support it having a partner ship with god means that god given knowledge and understanding is necessary we utilse it tikkun olam therefore etical teachings are effectsongoing act of creationleviticus base level pikuach nefesh is compatible with embryo research judaism teaches all life is a gift from god therefore anything that leads to the enidng of human life shortening is considered murder medical procedure identified to possibly save a life is to be accepted whole heartedlydo not do anything that endangers your neighbours lifeyearwoodthe stem cells most likely to be of scientific value come from discarded embyros is it ethical to use them?dorff halakhic agreement using spare embryos is permitted in accordance to pikuach nefesh dorff concludes using spare embryos with no chanc to become children is a mitzvah to use for life savingnot only permitted there is a jewish mandate to do so