Citizenship Paper 2 Key Terms

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European Councilmeetings of the heads of government of EU member statesCouncil of European intergovernmental organisation who's aims are to promote human rights, democracy, and the rule of law within its 47 member states.European Convention of Human Rightsa convention that lays down basic human rights. It is based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and is overseen by the Council of Europe.Commonwealth Chartera document that lays down the principles associated with Commonwealth membershipAgenciesorganisation and major bodies that are a part of a major institution: for example, the UN or EUNon-governmental organisations (NGOs)non-profit, voluntary citizens' groups which are organised on a local, national or international level.Deterrenceuse of sentencing to prevent the offender and others committing the offence.Rehabilitationan aim of sentencing seeking to change the behavior of the offenderReparationswhere an offender has to pay towards the damage they have causedYouth Offending Teams (YOTs)A partnership of organisations (including the police) with a legal responsibility to prevent offending and reduce reoffending.Employers' associationindustry or regionally based bodies that seek to represent the interests of groups of employersStrikethe withdrawal of one's labour; refusing to workSecondary actionwhen a worker not directly involved in a trade dispute takes action to support other workersManifestoa document produced by a political party at the time of an election outlining the policies it would like to introduce