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psychological explanations of schizophrenia
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the impact of negative environments on skitz patients. Vaughn and Leff saw patients having relapses after being sent home usually went home to families that directed high levels of negative expressed emotion towards the patient causing them stress. but stress could also be a factor in the initial onset of skitz
Frieda-Fromm Richemann (1948) - based on her own patients childhoods and relationships with their mothers who were cold, rejecting and controlling, they also had a family environment with tension and secrecy. these mothers are skitzofrenogenic meaning they cause skitz as their mothering leads to distrust that can later develop into paranoid dilusions
Bateson et al. (1956) suggested the double bind theory, which suggests that children who frequently receive contradictory messages from their parents are more likely to develop schizophrenia. For example parents who say they care whilst appearing critical or who express love whilst appearing angry. They did not believe that schizophrenia was a disease. They believed that schizophrenia was a result of social pressures from life.
exposure to such interactions prevents the development of an internally coherent construction of reality; in the long run, this manifests itself as typically schizophrenic symptoms such as flattening affect, delusions and hallucinations, incoherent thinking and speaking, and in some cases paranoia.