Christianity: Practices

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Liturgical - Set structure
[Prayers with set responses, passages, music, hymns]
[Familiarity for everyone, sense of tradition]

Non-Liturgical - Not set
[Can suit any theme on any occasion, non-Conformists emphasise word of god in Bible]

Informal - Spontaneous
[Can be silent and done anywhere]
[Charismatic led by Holy Spirit]
[Similar to early Christians]
[Can take part without former training]
- Encourages reflection in a busy life
- Enables us to talk and listen to God
- Helps keep a close relationship
- Helps us accept God's will
- Give's strength
- Gives peace

- Taught by Jesus to the disciples
- Model of good prayer - Combines praise and seeking help from God
- Reminds us about forgiveness
- Sense of unity, same God
- Used at communion, baptisms, marriages and funerals
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