Living the Christian Life

________ is the preaching of the ________ to others with the intention of ________ others to the Christian faith. Christians fulfil the '______ ________' as it was the last thing commanded by Jesus - "go into the world and........________"

________ work involves Christians travelling ________ to evangelise. This is not always done through preaching. Often, evangelism involves Christians showing what it means to live a good Christian life through ________ those in need. Missionary work began with Jesus' ________. After Jesus' death, Saint ________ began following Jesus' instructions to spread his teachings, and began converting people to Christianity in the area around Palestine. Saint ________ was another crucial figure in spreading Christianity as he travelled to the Mediterranean. Today, Catholics continue trying to spread Christianity in order to help the Church grow.

Evangelical work can be performed both locally and across the world. ________ evangelism is usually referred to as ________ work.
On a ________ level, Catholic Churches are linked together and meet to discuss how to raise awareness of Catholic teachings. Individual churches may fund projects in their local area to spread God's word.
On a ________ level, many Churches will fund projects enabling young people to travel abroad and get involved with missionary work. There may also be opportunities to establish links with Catholic churches in other ________.
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________ is the preaching of the ________ to others with the intention of ________ others to the Christian faith. Christians fulfil the '______ ________' as it was the last thing commanded by Jesus - "go into the world and........________"

________ work involves Christians travelling ________ to evangelise. This is not always done through preaching. Often, evangelism involves Christians showing what it means to live a good Christian life through ________ those in need. Missionary work began with Jesus' ________. After Jesus' death, Saint ________ began following Jesus' instructions to spread his teachings, and began converting people to Christianity in the area around Palestine. Saint ________ was another crucial figure in spreading Christianity as he travelled to the Mediterranean. Today, Catholics continue trying to spread Christianity in order to help the Church grow.

Evangelical work can be performed both locally and across the world. ________ evangelism is usually referred to as ________ work.
On a ________ level, Catholic Churches are linked together and meet to discuss how to raise awareness of Catholic teachings. Individual churches may fund projects in their local area to spread God's word.
On a ________ level, many Churches will fund projects enabling young people to travel abroad and get involved with missionary work. There may also be opportunities to establish links with Catholic churches in other ________.
Liturgical Worship follows a ________ - a set ________, using a ________ book with set ________. The Christian holy day is Sunday so most acts of liturgical worship take place on this day, but some churches hold Liturgical worship everyday. Liturgical worship includes ________ services, weddings, funerals and baptism. It is lead by a ________ such as a vicar or a priest. The whole community is encouraged to take part. Liturgical worship is important for Christians because it is based on the Bible, for example the sharing of the Eucharist, but it allows worshippers to think and develop a greater ________ - this helps Christians feel ________ to God.
The clergy usually wear ________.
The Bible readings for a year are set out in a ________ that follows the liturgical ________. This begins at ________. The readings follow a ____ year cycle. In this way, the congregations hear most of the Bible read and follow the main events of the Church's year.
Liturgical worship is the main form of worship in the Roman Catholic, ________ and many Anglican Chruches.
It is ____ used for holy communion, baptism, marriage and funerals in most ________ Churches.
________ worship is public worship in a Church ________ set prayers or rituals. The leader is free to ________ the hymns, prayers, and Bible readings. The main focus of the service is the ________, which can be on a theme of the leader's choice.
Prayers are ________ prayers, rather than following a set form.
Non-liturgical worship takes place at set times.
Hymns are accompanied by music.
In ________-type churches, there will often be more congregational ________ with members offering prayers or expressing ________.
This worship gives a sense of ________ to a whole community, showing the ________ of the faith and make friends with others of another faith.
________ worship is worship of God at ________. At Church, things such as "________ Church" provide worship for families in a more fun way. Some Churches have moved away from Liturgical worship to adopt a more informal approach, which does ____ have a set structure and is more ________ in nature. Services in ________ denominations are often more formal than traditional worship. This approach emphasises the importance of the ________ _____ and spontaneous action. Although it is considered modern, it does resemble the type of worship offered by Christians in the ______ decades of the Church. The ability to worship anywhere where Christians gather is emphasised here, rather than just the church ________.
Private or ________ worship takes place in ________ to worshipping in a Church. Christians believe it is important to form a ________ relationship with God and worshipping alone is part of this. Traditionally, worship tended to be seen as a formal process that should take place in ________ with other Christians at set times in churches/chapels - known as '________ worship'. However, as society has changed and individuals have more ________, the idea of private worship has gained ground. Many now pray alone with family and do not gather in a Church.
Some use the Book of ________ Prayer to do this as it provides a ________ which uses all elements of prayer. Doing this is important because it allows people to ________ their connection with god personally and privately - they can express ________ that they wouldn't in front of others.
Christians who believe in the ___ sacraments (Catholics, Orthodox, and some Anglicans) feel the best form of worship is ________ worship.
This is because:
- it helps people worship god in a ________ way
- praying in ______ with the rest of the Church gives a sense of ________ and belonging
- helps Christians to ________ their faith and learn more about God

Christians for whom the seven sacraments are less important (e.g. ________) prefer non-liturgical worship because:
- it allows people to ________ in worship
- it allows people to use their ________ in prayer
- it helps to ________ worship to the world today
________ was at the heart of Jesus' ________ and Christians believe it is an ________ part of your faith. Jesus states that you should worship God in the spirit and in truth, meaning that your worship should not be ________, but that you should worship God with all of your thoughts actions and words. Worship involves prayer, which is about developing a special relationship with God.
________ - "pray without ________"
There are seven sacraments in the Catholic and Orthodox churches:
- baptism
- holy communion
- confirmation
- _____ __ _____ ____/last rites - essential to avoid purgatory
- ____ ____ - ordains a priest, to ________ sacraments
- marriage - gives a couple grace and ________

Sacraments are essential because:
- through sacraments, Christians can recieve ________ and blessings from God
- they mark the ________ of ________ that Christians go through through life
- make Christians stronger in their faith
- bring Christians closer to God
- it is an ________ and visible sign of an inward, spiritual ________
most ________ only have _____ sacraments - baptism and holy communion

as far as the church of england is concerned, the 39 articles say that only the sacraments are ________ and _________ _______ and are authorised by God, but some Anglicans practise all 7 sacraments

Quakers and the Salvation Army have ____ sacraments at all. They are not ________ and their non-liturgical worship ________ includes the Eucharist.
baptism symbolises the _______ ______ of an old life and entering a new one, free of ____. Catholics usually practise ________ baptism and their parents thus make promises on their ________ during the ceremony, in which: - the priest talks about sacraments and the ________ of raising a child as a Catholic - the prayer says a prayer which ________ all evil and sin and then anoints the baby with _____ - the parents and godparents make _______ showing they are willing to raise the child according to catholic teachings - water is poured over the child's head as the priest says 'I ________ you in the name of the father, and the son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.' - the child is dressed in a ________ garment - a candle is lit from the ________ candle and given to the ________ to holdwashing away, sin, infant, behalf, duties, removes, oil, vows, baptise, white, Paschal, godparentsBaptism is seen as important because: - it is necessary to receive ________ - it makes a person a ________ of the Church - it shows ________ that the child is now a Christian and intends to live as one - it washes away ________ sin and makes a person ________ - the ________ teaches that, without it, a person cannot receive other ________ - ________ was baptisedsalvation, member, publicly, original, pure, catechism, sacraments, JesusBaptist Christians practise '________' baptism. They usually have a ________ for their babies, but believe people must be old enough to make _________ _______ for themselves. These Christians usually have a ________ who stands next to them in the water. The main features of a believer's baptism are: - the person being baptised is asked if they believe that Jesus is Lord and that he died for their sins - they say a few words about how they came to believe in Christ as their Lord and Saviour - The minister lowers them completely into the water, saying, 'I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit'. - they are ________ into the Church Baptism is important for baptists because: - it signifies the end of their old life outside the Church and of being born again to the ____ ____ in Christ - it is a moment of personal commitment - they receive god's ________ for service in the Church and in the worldbelievers, dedication, baptismal vows, sponsor, welcomed, new life, spiritThe Eucharist began at the _______ _______ and was used by early Christians - St ________ describes early eucharists in his letter to the ________, it is the ________ recorded act of Christian worship. In the Roman Catholic Church, the Eucharist gives one the strength to out into the world and ________ one's Christian ________. It is given in Mass - every Sunday and on holy days of obligation. The wine is alcoholic and drunk from a chalice. The bread is a thin wafer of unleavened bread known as the ________. - ________ Rite, where the congregation confesses their sins and receives ________ - the Liturgy of the ________, when readings of the Bible are read to ________ more about the faith - the Liturgy of the ________, where the Last Supper is re-enacted and the bread and wine are changed by ________ - the Rite of ________, where the people exchange ________ - leftover hosts are placed in the ________ for the sacrament of the sick or for Mass - the ________ Rite, where people are blessed and sent into the worldLast Supper, Paul, Corinthians, earliest, fulfil, mission, host, Penitential, absolution, Word, learn, Eucharist, transubstantiation, Communion, peace, tabernacle, Concludingabsolutionforgiveness through the actions or words of a priest of ministerTransubstantiationCatholic belief that the bread and wine actually becomes the body and blood of Christmass is important because: - through ________, Jesus is really ________ in mass - it gives Christians a ________ gift of grace and God's weekly for the next ________ - it obeys the ________ of Jesus - 'do this in _____________' - spiritual ________ - a reminder of the Last Supper and ________ of Jesustransubstantiation, present, weekly, week, command, memory of me, nourishment, crucifixionthe eucharist in the ________ church - usually celebrated once a ________ - communion is ____ compulsory - wine is ____ alcoholic and drank from ________ glasses - bread is a small _____ - there is a sharing of the ________ - recitation of the ________ Creed - sharing of the bread and winemethodist, month, not, non, individual, loaf, peace, Nicenethe main purpose of prayer is to ________ god. most prayer is ________, but it can also include meditation and ________. Many Christians use the ________ prayer many times in their personal contact with God as this is what ________ asked them to do. Informal prayers allow Christians to have a more ________ relationship with God. "be constant ________"contact, vocal, contemplation, Lord's, Jesus, personal, in prayerAdorationdeep love and respect for GodConfessionalstatement of faith through prayerContemplationmeditationPraisegiving praise e.g. singing hymnsPenitentialsaying sorryThanksgivingsaying thank youSupplicationasking for something________ is a journey to a location of importance to religion. ________ went on a pilgrimage to ________ every year when he was a child and Christians go on a pilgrimage to the _______ _______. There were many centres of pilgrimage, usually connected with the relics of a saint preserved and displayed in a reliquary in a shrine at the pilgrimage site. People go on pilgrimage to: - show god they are ________ for their sins - for penance for a particularly bad sin - to be healed of illness - it helps them in their ________ for god - to become closer to god - because jesus went on pilgrimage every year, according to _______ _____ ____ - to feel holiness Protestant ________ oppose pilgrimages as they see it to break the commandment of not worshipping ________. Many believe that you can encouter God anywhere, and he is the ________ god everywhere. Many feel only god should be ________, but not saints or relics, not even the Virgin Mary as, since according to Matthew, she had another son, ________, she cannot be revered as a virgin.pilgrimage, Jesus, Jerusalem, Holy Land, sorry, search, Luke chapter 2, Reformers, idols, same, venerated, JamesJerusalem - pilgrimage ________ is a particularly important pilgrimage location, as this is where the events of Jesus' ________ days occurred. The ________ is the room where the Last Supper took place. The _____ _________, also known as the 'way of suffering', is the route Jesus took as he carried his cross to the place where he was ________. The Church of ________ _______ is believed to be where Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead. The Gospel of ________ specifically mentions Jerusalem. It is mentioned as a place Jesus travelled to with his parents and also as a place where he chose to spend time alone.Jerusalem, last, Cenacle, Via Dolorosa, crucified, Holy Sepulchre, Luke________ is a village in ________ that became a pilgrimage site in 1061 after ________ de Faverches had a ________ of the house in ________ where Mary lived. A copy of the house was made, and thousands of people visit this site each year to: - feel close to the Virgin ________ - it is where ________ has been said to have taken place - it is where pilgrims claim their prayers have been ________ - it beings spiritual ________Walsingham, Norfolk, Richeldis, vision, Nazareth, Mary, healing, answered, refreshment________ is an island off the west coast of ________. It has been a centre of pilgrimage since Saint Columba arrived in AD563, bringing with him 13 followers and establishing a monastery. Today it is a place of ________ learning, and many pilgrims travel to Iona to reflect on the nature of God with other Christians. Iona is important because: - it encourages ________ and ordinary christians to spend time together and learn from each other - it gives the opportunity to discuss and ________ about issues affecting Christians today - it helps christians from different churches to feel more ________Iona, Scotland, spiritual, clergy, learn, united________ is an ________ ________ order in the south of France. It is particularly significant as it was a place that helped to shelter Jews aiming to escape the Nazis during _____ _____ ______. Over 100,000 people go to Taizé every year for Bible study, prayer and sharing and communal work and the unity of all races. it helps christians to develop the ________ gifts of kindness, simplicity and reconciliation and ________ with those ________ to them.Taizé, ecumenical monastic, World War Two, spiritual, unify, differentchristians prepare for the coming of jesus during the season of ________, which begins on the ________ sunday before christmas. during these 4 weeks, christians remember the ________ testament prophecies about the coming of jesus and think about the biblical references to the second coming of Jesus. They usually light a candle for each sunday before ________, the last being on christmas day. catholic christians are expected to relieve themselves from ________ before christmas by receiving the sacrament of ________. Christmas ands on the 5th of January and ________ begins on the __th To celebrate christmas: - gifts are given like the wise men - ________ mass - masses on ________ dayadvent, fourth, old, christmas, sin, reconciliation, Epiphany, 6, midnight, christmasthe significance of christmas: - the celebration of the ________ - without jesus, there would be no Christianity - before the incarnation, it was only possible to have a ________ relationship with God, after Jesus' death, humans can fulfil this relationship and live ________ with God - unity of ________ faith - importance of ________ - christians try to be spiritual like mary and josephincarnation, partial, eternally, common, familyLent A period of ____ days leading up to Easter, remembering the time Jesus fasted in the desert praying. The devil tried to ________ him during this experience, but he resisted. It begins with ________ Wednesday, where Catholics attend a service where they are marked with black ashes in the shape of a cross on their forehead. Many Christians often give something up for lent to mark the fact Jesus fasted in the desert. The day before lent is known as Shrove Tuesday, which was an opportunity to use up the foods Christians would be giving up during ________.40, tempt, Ash, lentHoly Week This is the week that precedes Easter Sunday, when Christians remember the events in ________' life that led to his death. - Palm Sunday commemorates his ________ in Jerusalem - Catholics and Anglicans receive crosses made of ________ leaves to remind them of this. - Maundy Thursday reminds them of Jesus' last ________ with his disciples, where Jesus had bread and wine with them. To remember this, Christians often have Communion services (Mass). As Jesus also washed his disciples' ________, some Catholic priests will often do this for his congregation. - Good Friday remembers Jesus' ________ on the cross - mourning services will be held and Catholics fast on this day. Catholic churches re-enact the ________ of the cross - Holy Saturday is a day of ________ and prayer. No services are held on this day. significance: - ________ and deepen faith - reminds them that jesus faced adulation, rejection and crucifixion - ________ - reminds christians that jesus is their messiah - reminds Christians of the ________ brought by JesusJesus, arrival, palm, meal, feet, death, stations, reflection, renew, suffering, salvationEASTER SUNDAY This marks the day of Jesus' Resurrection - it is a day of ________. Christians attend special services and Churches are filled with flowers. Many exchange cards with family and friends, exchange Easter eggs, attend services during Lent, visit cemeteries to leave flowers for the ________ and complete personal readings of the Bible. It is the only day of the year where Catholics may take 2 holy communions. Some have a renewal of ________ vows to remember the salvation brought by easter there are also bible readings to remember that the resurrection of Jesus brought back the ________ of the world easter is significant because: - it fulfils the ________ union - it assures the ________ of sins and people can be restored to God - Easter celebrates the ________ life of those who follow Jesuscelebration, deceased, baptismal, goodness, hypostatic, forgiveness, eternal________ aims to introduce non-________ to the basics of Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions. It describes itself as 'an opportunity to explore the ________ of life'. These courses run throughout the whole of the UK by all major Christian ________.Alpha, churchgoers, meaning, denominations________ is an organisation which aims at being a ________ for ________ work in local church communities. It provides ________ and ideas for ________ in ________ communities.hope, catalyst, missionary, resources, evangelisation, local________ ________ works in partnership with individuals and churches to use the Bible to ________ children, young people and adults to come to know God. in the UK it uses ________ ________ such as Youtube and Facebook to bring the Christian message to those outside the Churches, as well as more traditional work in schools, youth groups etc.scripture union, inspire, social media________ ________ run you and children's groups around the UK and organises events, holidays, mission trips and training courses about Christianity.Urban Saints_____ provides resources for churches and schools, and runs residential events to bring the Christian message to young people outside the Church.YFCIn 2010, Pope Benedict XVI tried to reinvigorate Christianity in Europe. Archbishop Fisichella established the ________ ________ s to revive faith in Christianity in major cities.Mission Metropolisviews on evangelism in favour: - the ________ ________ of Jesus told Christians they were to preach the gospel to all nations - share their faith out of ________ - you have your ________ forgiven by becoming christian - people outside the faith can be assured a place in heaven - there is a fear about the ________ in religion as the age profile is also becoming older not in favour: - trying to convert a multifaith society is ________ and discrimination - you must not regard other's religion as wrong - people may see missionaries in less developed countries as a form of ________ - the most important commandment of jesus was to ________ your neighbour, so you cant tell them their religion is wrongGreat Commission, love, sins, decline, prejudice, colonisation, loveLocal churches ________ churches are an important part of Christianity. Many Christians visit them regularly and see them as the centre of worship. They are also a place to meet people of the same religion. Local churches can also provide support, so they may be where a Christian turns to in times of need. Parish activities A ________ is an area that has its own church and ________. Parish churches aim to support the local community by: offering space and facilities for activities such as youth clubs, parent and toddler groups, and other ________ gatherings supporting any local Christian primary and secondary schools, providing space for activities when necessary creating a space for Bible discussion groups, so that Christians may reflect on important teachings ________ work Parish churches may also give help to people in need by: providing support and advice for people on low incomes or families that are struggling providing temporary ________ support running food banks and providing ________ shelters giving relationship ________ to couples ________ refers to a movement towards ________ between churches. Local churches often try to connect and come together with other churches in the area or further afield. This creates opportunities for churches to work together to tackle social issues on a local or national level.Local, parish, clergy, social, Outreach, financial, homeless, advice, Ecumenism, unitythe importance of the local church it is the ________ point of Christian identity and worship it offers: - the celebration of ________ - it is a place to celebrate Christian ________ - it offers the sacraments - it offers helps for people seeking to learn more about God and how they should behave as Christians - provides a sense of ________ the parish church can help with a range of activities including: food banks, summer fetes, ________ ________, youth clubs, Bible study groups, family and community centres, cubs and brownies. They also give advice to families, they provide financial support and hold services in languages other than English so that people can maintain their faith all in all, the church shows love for those in need, as requested by Jesus in the parable of the ________ and the ________.focal, Mass, festivals, belonging, emergency shelters, Sheep, Goatlocal churches come together and can have joint activities like services, social gatherings and discussion groups. this is ________ - movement working towards ________ between the Churches and eventual Church unityecumenism, co-operationThere are approximately 2.4 billion Christians living in countries around the world. Some countries, such as China, are seeing an increasing number of people following Christianity. Christianity is represented in a global capacity in various ways. For example, the Catholic Church is a member of the ____ ____ as it is based in Vatican City, an independent state. There is also the ______ _____ ______ _______, a worldwide inter-Church organisation founded in 1948. Organisations such as these provide a means for Christianity to be represented on an international level and try to bring people together.United Nations, World Council of Churches________ is the process of bringing together people who are ________ to one another. In Christianity, it is associated with Jesus reconciling humanity with God through his ________. Reconciliation is also linked to forgiveness, as it may be necessary to show forgiveness in order to resolve a disagreement. Similarly, Christians believe that God shows forgiveness to those who have sinned, if they are willing to demonstrate ________ to others. Reconciliation is an important aim of ________ such as the World Council of Churches. Church leaders aim to help countries or groups that disagree to sort out their difficulties and live together peacefully. Christians believe in reconciliation because: - Jesus died on the ________ to bring forgiveness and reconciliation - Jesus said that people who do ________ forgive those who have sinned against them will not be forgiven by God. - St Paul said that Christians should try to live in peace with everyone - Christianity is ________ on the concept of forgiveness and reconciliationReconciliation, opposed, death, forgiveness, organisations, cross, not, basedPersecutionpersistently cruel treatment, often due to religion or belief________ of Christians has always taken place, and many Christians have become known as '________'. This is used for someone who has died or is killed for their religious faith. Jesus himself was a martyr and he warned his disciples that they would be persecuted for their faith - they were all martyred. Christians believe that when given a divine commission from Jesus to ________, this may be in the face of danger.Persecution, matrys, evangeliseIn some parts of the world, Christians are treated unjustly in societies where Christianity is at a ________ - Terrorist organisations like IS have taken Christians homes from them and violently attacked them. ________ organisations seek to help ________ Christians: Open Doors: Established in 1955, when Brother Andrew - a Dutch missionary, smuggled Bibles into the Soviet Union. Today, it helps persecuted Christians by distributing Bibles, providing practical support for Christians who have been the victims of disasters, speaking on behalf of persecuted Christians to raise awareness of their situation and to gather support and training Christians and Church leaders to deal with the trauma they may be suffering while maintaining their faith. In North Korea, you must worship the ________ leader alongside God and Jesus. There are 300,000 Christians here and many have been tortured and executed. ________ Christians fled Syria as a result of the civil war in 2011.minority, Evangelical, persecuted, nation's, 700,000Christians believe that God created them to be ________ of the Earth and to ________ their neighbours. All humans are ________ in the eyes of God and thus Christians must help each other. "love is patient, love is kind. ________________________" - St Paul teachings on love are based off of St ________ and the parable of the sheep and the ________, in which Jesus identifies himself as the people who suffer, showing his ________. The Parable of the Sheep and Goats strongly encourages Christians to take action to help those in need. In this parable, Jesus makes it clear that a life worthy of the reward of Heaven must involve actively helping people in need. Jesus explains that helping a person, whoever they are, is just the same as ________ Jesus himself and is therefore a ________ for all Christians.stewards, love, equal, it does not envy, it does not boast, Paul, goat, humanity, helping, duty________ ____ is a Christian charity that provides emergency and long-term aid to the ________ world, helping nearly ___ countries with all people in need. Christian Aid promotes Fairtrade products and speaks on behalf of poorer countries to bring _________ _______. It has a disaster fund to deal with natural disasters and refugees. Emergency Aid includes sending water, food, antibiotics and shelters. Christian Aid has helped partner group Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer to create small businesses that make solar powered mechanisms to improve ________ of living. It also helps agricultural production in the Gaza stripChristian Aid, developing, 60, social justice, standard,