Nazi control over Germany

The Knight of the Long Knives
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Judges had to swear an oath of loyalty to Hitler and were expected to act always in the interests of the Nazi state.
All lawyers had to join the Nazi Lawyers' Association, which meant they could be controlled.
The role of defence lawyers in criminal trials was weakened.
Had to wear swastika and eagle on robes
- Nazi and Christian ideals sat in diametric opposition to one another. e.g. Nazism glorified strength and violence whilst Christianity teaches love and forgiveness
- However, the Hitler could not immediately persecute Christianity as Germany was a Christian country: 2/3 of the population were Protestant and lived in the North, while 1/3 were Catholic and lived in the South.
German Faith MovementNazis perverted version of Christianity. Only 5% of the population joined.Reich ChurchA Nazi-controlled Protestant Church. Protestant supporters of Hitler joined it.Hitler and the ConcordatConcordat = Agreement between pope and government concerning the church's role within government - Hitler initially cooperated with the Catholic Church and signed a concordat with Pope Pius XI in July 1933 where the Pope agreed to stay out of politics if Hitler left the Church alone. - Within months, Hitler broke this agreement by harassing priests, putting any who criticized the Nazis in Concentration Camps.Head of German propagandaGoebellsNazi CensorshipNewspapers - non-nazi papers were closed down, editors were told what they could print Radio - all stations were under Nazi control Cinema - Goebbels checked all film plots before production, and all films had to be accompanied by a 45 min official news reel which glorified Hitler and publicised Nazi achievements.Nazi burning of booksThey burnt Jewish and communist books.German Olympics 1936The Nazis made sure a good impression of Germany was given. They did this by removing all anti-Semitic signs, and controlling media groups.Jesse OwensAfrican American who won 4 gold medals at Olympic games in Germany under Hitler (a blow to Nazi notions of a master race).