Women in Nazi Germany
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Kristallnacht"Night of Broken Glass," when Nazis attacked Jews throughout GermanyAnti-Semitism in GermanyHitler was always anti-semitic and intended to make Germany into an Aryan state, without those he considered inferior such as the jews. He put these beliefs into policy when jews were excluded from most jobs, entertainment, and the press.Nazi persecution of other minority groups- Disabled were 'allowed to die' - T4 euthanasia programme for disabled -1933 sterilisation of mentally ill - 1933 gypsies arrested and put in concentration camps - 1935 laws against homosexuals / castrated / 60% died in concentration campsNazi economic policies- Hitler's economic policy had two aims - One was full employment - When the Nazis came to power unemployment was the biggest issue they faced - In 1939, the Nazis claimed there was full employment - The other policy was autarky - The Nazis aimed to make Germany self sufficient so it did not need to rely on foreign imports