define immunodeficiency
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what happens if you have loss of end of pathway (MAC)?Neisseria infection (pathogens have evolved away from this complex)what is neutrophil immunodeficiency?total loss of neutrophils = incomparable with lifewhat are the symptoms of neutrophil deficiency?puss producing bacterial infectionswhat are some examples of quantitative neutrophil immunodeficiencies (not enough)?- congenital neutropenia - severe cyclic neutropeniawhat are some examples of qualitative neutrophil immunodeficiencies?- leukocyte adhesion deficiency - TLR signalling deficiencies (cells cant recognise danger so insufficient neutrophils) - chronic granulomatous disease (CGD)what are the outcomes of T cell deficiency?no T cell help (innate immune system/ B cell response/ T cytotoxic cells/ regulating (Tregs), leads to failure to thrive, diarrhoea, pneumoniawhat is SCID?severe combined immunodeficiency = failure to produce T cells +/- B cells and NK cellswhat is the treatment for SCID?bone marrow transplantWhat is Di George Syndrome?T cell deficiency due to incomplete thymus developmentwhat are the outcomes of B cell deficiency?pyogenic infection, respiratory tract infection, diahorrea (= infections of mucosal areas - where antibodies engulf pathogens and enhance phagocytosis - IgA) (NOT AS BAD AS T cell DEFICIENCY)what are CVIDs?common variable immunodeficiencies = antibodies deficiencies (IgA deficiency is most common)