what are the names of the 2 sensory tracts that carry sensory information from the body to the somatosensory cortex?
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what is the function of the cerebellum?involuntary actionswhat is the function of the cerebrum?voluntary actionsoutline the root of the 3 order neurons in the spinothalamic and DC tracts1. 1st order neurons carry sensory info from receptor to CNS (axons enter spinal cord via dorsal root ganglion) 2. 2nd order neurons terminate at thalamus. spinothalamic tract decussates in spinal cord/ DC tract decussates in medulla 3. 3rd order neurons carry info from thalamus to somatosensory cortexhow many order neurons does the spinocerebellar tract have?2what type of info does the spinocerebellar tract carry?unconscious proprioceptionhow many order neurons does the trigeminothalamic tract have?3what type of info does the trigeminothalamic tract carry?somatic sensation from face and head