Overview of marine vessels

Identify the true statement about small overnight cruise vessels
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Identify the hazard associated with towboatsPropulsion and deck machinery require constant lubrication that can cause slick surfacesIdentify the best description of a bargeA box shapes flats decked vessel used for transporting cargoFuel is often storedIn double bottom tanksIdentify the true statement about tanksThe top of a series of adjacent tanks along the bottom of the hull forms a surface called double bottomOn a vessel the superstructure generally houses theVessel control spaces and crew living spacesFire responders most likely will respond to incidents with mobile off shore drilling units when the units areIn a shipyardCable vessels haveA complex below decks layoutA disadvantage of steel is that itConducts heat in all directions and retains heat for a long timeLarge modern ships are constructed mainly ofSteelIdentify the true statement about vessel constructionThe keel is a large beam running the length of the vessels bottomOn a vessel, frames are numberedSequentiallyTransverse framingHas a large number of U shaped frames rising perpendicular from the keelIdentify the true statement about break bulk cargo handling systemsEstablish a safety zone around a shipboard crane to guard against failure of the crane boom or supporting cablesOn commercial vessels, decks above the main deck are generally labeled:Upper, boat, bridge and flying bridgeIdentify the true statement about vessel systemsVessel systems are complex and should only be operated by members of the vessels crewIdentify the vessel construction material that presents a respiratory hazardReinforced plastic compositeThe location of decks can be determined by referring to theVessel fire control planDuring a fire onboard a roll on / roll off vesselThe failure of a release mechanism as the structure distorts could cause a moveable deck to fallAn inert gas systemMay provide some protection to compartments not involved in and incidentIf a vessel loses the capability to generate powerFire pumps and controls for other vessel systems may no longer functionThe location of bulk heads can be determined by referring to theVessel fire control planIf a firefighter falls off a vessel or dock into the water it may result inHypothermia, serious injury or drowningBefore entering vessel spaces, firefighters shouldReview diagrams and consult with the vessels crewAdequate access and egress for emergency personnel at a marine incident may requireAdditional gangways, ladders or other devicesThe risk of a firefighting falling into the water is greatest onFloats and waterfront areasIn case of vessel power loss, fire departments should provide:Portable lighting systems with generatorsWhen approaching a vessel, look out forMoving vehicles and cranesIn the even of a emergency evacuationEstablish a procedure and signal in advance to ensure safe withdrawal of personnelAll personnel who respond to marine incidents should be provided withPersonal flotation deviceIdentify the true statement about personnel safety practicesIt may be more practical and safe for personnel to carry their turnout gear and don it on the sceneA fire control plan must be written inThe language of the vessels flag stateVentilation system components on a vessel are shown on theFire control planOk vessels over 3,000 tons, the fire control plan must be locatedIn two prominently marked, water tight containers mounted outside the deckhouseGeneral arrangement plansAre drawn for each deck of the shipThe international management code of international convention for the safety of life at sea SOLAS requires vessels to compile anSafety management manualIdentify the true statement about general arrangement drawingsAn arrangement plan is drawn for each deck of the ship with both horizontal and vertical views of the decks.Identify the true statement about the fire controls plans locationThe fire control plans location will vary depending on the vessel size and typeThe fire control plan for a vessel is designed toAssist firefighters in the control of fire emergenciesThe international maritime organization IMO has developed standard symbols to depictFire and safety equipment on fire control plansEmergency response plans should includeGuidance on notifications of affected parties