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How Quizlet works

Quizlet provides free learning tools for students, teachers, and learners of all ages. Andrew Sutherland started work on Quizlet as a high school sophomore in 2005, and it now contains over 140 million study sets created by users all over the world.


Creating your own study sets allows you to focus on exactly what you need to learn.

You can add images, paste content from another source, or use Quizlet's built-in auto-define feature to make things easier.



Quizlet users have created over 140 million study sets, so you can often find what you need without creating it yourself.

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Quizlet features six powerful individual study and game modes!

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Flashcards recreates traditional flashcards virtually. You can also shuffle your cards, study them as a playlist, and listen to spoken text.

Learn prompts you type correct terms or definitions, track your correct and incorrect answers and retesting you on what you've missed.

Speller uses Quizlet's automated audio system to read content to you. Type what you hear to improve your spelling, writing and comprehension.

Test formats your study set into a randomized practice test with up to four question types.

Scatter is a race against the clock to match the terms with their definitions. The fastest time gets a trophy!

Gravity presents you with terms crashing down as asteroids. Type the definition to save the planet, and get the highest score you can!


Automated audio is available in 18 languages, from English and Spanish to Arabic and Turkish!

Study a new language, practice pronunciation, and master vocabulary.


Study anywhere, anytime on iPhone and Android.


Make your classroom interactive! Create your own Quizlet class so students can learn together, and gain insight into where your class may struggle.

Play Quizlet Live with your students to review vocabulary and build soft skills, like communication and teamwork. Learn more on our Teachers page.