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Printing on Quizlet

Print Quizlet sets for studying on the go without a mobile device. 

To print, go to any set page and select the More menu. Then, select Print

After selecting Print, you'll see a preview of what your set will look like when printed. By default, you'll see your set displayed in Table view. To preview other options, select a different format. 

If you don't change any other options, your set will be printed in alphabetical order and include images. To disable these default settings, uncheck the boxes next to the options you don't want to use. 

Once you've chosen a format, select Open PDF. This will open your set in a new browser tab or window. 

To print your set, select File and then Print in your browser. If you'd rather save your set as a PDF to study offline from your computer, select Save as PDF as the print destination and then save.