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Using Flashcards

Flashcards mode lets you study Quizlet sets as flashcards. 

The basics

After you click on the Flashcards mode icon, you'll see the first definition in your set displayed. We show definitions first by default. If you want to change this, click on the Options button, then Start with term

To advance to the next card, use the arrow buttons below the card, or use the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard.

Good news, though -- you don't have to advance your cards manually! If you click on the Play button, Quizlet will cycle through your flashcards automatically. If you click on Shuffle, they'll be displayed in random order. Shuffle can be used with or without Play enabled, and vice versa.

Custom settings

There are several ways you can customize your Flashcards study session to make it effective. To get started, open the Options menu. You can switch between seeing terms first, definitions first, or both at the same time. If there are specific terms you've starred, you can choose to study only those terms from this menu as well. 

To adjust audio settings, click on the Show advanced audio options link. This menu allows you to slow audio playback down, or disable it entirely. If you're not hearing audio, that's likely because Quizlet doesn't offer text-to-speech audio in one or both of the languages you're studying. You will hear audio if it's available for the languages you're studying and your term or definition has fewer than 300 characters.

Finishing Flashcards mode

In order to complete Flashcards mode, you need to review each card in the set. 

Students — if your teacher uses Class Progress to track your study activity, be sure to reach the end of the set when doing homework so you get full credit.