Learn mode measures how well you know your definitions and keeps track of what you miss so you can focus on those terms later in your study session.

Mode overview

Learn prompts you with either a term or a definition. To move forward, type your answer and click on the Answer button or press Enter to see if you were right or wrong. 

Right and wrong answers are grouped together, and you'll see the questions you missed at the start of each new round to make sure you know them. 

Stumped on an answer? Click on the Don't know link and you'll see the answer. Then, Quizlet will ask you to type it again before continuing the round. 

Mistyped or forgot a letter? We've got your back. Click on the Override: I was right link and you'll advance to the next question with another right answer under your belt. 

After each round, you'll see a progress checkpoint with a snapshot of your right and wrong answers from that round and how far you've progressed through your set. 

Customizing your study session

Click on the Options button to customize your Learn session. Opening that menu gives you the option to disable audio, choose to see terms or definitions first, and start over if you want to begin a new session. 

Finishing Learn and viewing your results

To complete Learn mode, you need to finish all rounds so you've reviewed all of your terms and gotten each question right twice. Once you do that, you'll reach the end of the mode and see information on which terms you missed and how many times you missed them. 

If you want to start another session and just focus on the terms you missed, click on the Star these terms and start over button. We'll then start a new session for you with only those terms so you can make sure you really know them.