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Creating a new set

Getting started

Creating your own study set allows you to focus on exactly what you want to learn on Quizlet. To get started, select "Create a set" at the top of the toolbar on most Quizlet web pages.


Next, add the title to your study set so you can find it later.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.33.57 AM.png

You can select "Add description" above the title box to add any notes or extra information you want displayed on the set's page.

You can also determine who can view and who can edit your set by selecting the options to the right of the title.


Choose who can see and edit your materials.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.34.40 AM.png

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.34.54 AM.png

You can change these settings later by going to your study set's page and selecting "Edit" from the Tools section.

Choosing languages

When you start entering your terms and definitions, you will be prompted to confirm your set's language or select it from a dropdown menu.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.40.42 AM.png

Options for accent marks or special characters will be displayed as you type if they are available for your selected language. If you're interested in using scientific symbols, choose "Chemistry" or "Math/Symbols" as your set's language.

Once you're finished, you can always change your study set's language by selecting "Change" next to the language named on your set's edit page.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.41.24 AM.png

Entering terms and definitions

You're now ready to add your study information. You can type up to 2,000 terms in the left column, and add their definitions in the right column.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.46.46 AM.png

Deleting or moving terms and definitions

You can remove content from your set by hovering the cursor over the item you'd like to delete and selecting the ❌ icon to the right of the definition.

You can also change the order of a term within your set by hovering your cursor over the row, clicking the three line icon, and dragging the item to its new position.


A few other things

  • It's possible to bold text on Quizlet by enclosing it in asterisks, like *this*. Text in the "Chemistry" and "Math/Symbols" languages will not be bolded by asterisks.
  • Text enclosed in parentheses (like this) will not be read by our automated audio system, and you don't need to type it as part of a correct response while studying. It's a great way to include notes or hints!
  • You can add images to your study sets.
  • Our auto-define system allows you to add existing Quizlet definitions to your terms by selecting the magnifying glass icon to the right of a definition field. Here's more on how it works.
  • Quizlet will automatically save your progress as you create a set, just in case.

When your set is ready, select "Create"

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.51.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.51.20 AM.png

You're ready to start studying your set!