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Creating a study set

Creating your own study set allows you to focus on exactly what you want to learn on Quizlet. You can create two different types of sets:

To get started, select Create at the top of any page on Quizlet.

Using Quizlet on iOS or Android? Please read the linked articles for instructions on creating sets on our mobile apps.

Enter a title for your set. To add an optional description, select the icon above the diagram image upload box.

Sets on Quizlet are public by default, but you can restrict visibility to people with a password or specific classes you create. You can also make your sets private so they're only available to you.

Select Change below Visible to everyone to change your set's visibility permissions.

Creating a text-based set

Select the first text box and start typing your first term. In most cases, Quizlet will auto-detect the language. To open the language selection menu, select Choose Language for either your terms or definitions. You'll see a tray below the term or definition text box with accents and special characters if the language you're typing in has them.

To add a definition, select the next text box or press the Tab key.

Select the next row to continue adding terms and definitions.

Using auto-suggestions

When you start typing a term, Quizlet will show you popular terms added by other users that match the letters you've typed. To choose an auto-suggested term, select the one you want from the list below a term text box. 

Once you've chosen a term or typed one in, Quizlet will show you the most popular definitions other users have entered for that term. To choose an auto-suggested definition, select it from the list below a definition text box. 

To disable auto-suggestions, select the suggestions icon. 

Adding images from the Quizlet gallery

All Quizlet users can add images to sets from Quizlet's free image gallery.

To choose an image from the gallery, select the image icon. Then, select the image you want to add to your definition.

Formatting text

You can make text bold by putting it between asterisks, *like this*. We don't currently offer other text formatting options, but hope to add more in the future!

Uploading your own images

Quizlet users with Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher accounts can upload their own images.

To upload an image, select the image icon. Then, select Or upload your own image. You can also add images by dragging them from your desktop into a definition text box.

After five rows, you can select +ADD CARD or press the Tab key to add more terms and definitions to your set. Quizlet automatically saves your work while you're creating and editing sets. You can check to see how many of your terms have been successfully auto-saved at the top of the Create Set page.

When you're finished, select Create to save and publish your set.

Creating a diagram set

To get started, drag and drop or upload a diagram image at the top of the Create Set page.

Both free and upgraded Quizlet users can upload an image to create a diagram set. Quizlet accepts JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, and GIF images with a max file size of 3MB. 

If the image you added has text on it, you can blur that text out by selecting edit and then the blur option. Click and drag over text or a section of your diagram to blur it out.

When you're finished, select the checkmark to save your changes.

Adding points to a diagram

Select the point icon, then choose a location on your diagram. To add a point to a very specific location, zoom in on the image.

Add a term to your point; definitions are optional. In most cases, Quizlet will auto-detect the language. To open the language selection menu, select Choose Language

Quizlet users with free accounts can add up to eight points to a diagram. Quizlet Plus and Quizlet Teacher users can add points for all of a set's terms.

Removing points from a diagram

To remove a point, select the point and open the More menu. Then, select Remove from diagram

The terms and definitions associated with points you remove will not be deleted.

Linking terms to points

To link a term you've already typed with a point, add a point to your diagram. Start typing the term you want to link and Quizlet will auto-fill the term.

Adding custom shapes

Quizlet Plus and Quizlet Teacher users can add rectangles and custom shapes to diagrams. To switch between adding points and creating rectangles or custom shapes, select the appropriate icon from the menu to the left of your diagram.

When you're finished, select Create to save and publish your set.


I'm seeing a message that I need at least two points in order to save a set. What does that mean?

Diagram sets on Quizlet have to include at least two points; text-based sets require at least two terms. If you intended to create a diagram set, you'll need to add a minimum of two points in order to save and publish your set. If you added a diagram image to a text-based set by mistake, you'll need to remove that image in order to save your set.

Can I create diagram sets on the Quizlet iOS and Android apps?

Not yet, but you can study diagram sets on the apps using Learn, Flashcards, Write, Match, or Test. 

How do I add multiple diagrams to one set?

Quizlet doesn't currently support adding more than one diagram image to a single set, but we are considering this for the future!

I created a set but it's not showing up on my profile for me to study. Where did it go?

Your set is most likely still in draft. If you go to your Latest Activity feed, you should see the set you're looking for at the top of the page with (Draft) before the title. To save and publish, open your set and select the Create button.

How many terms can I add to my set?

The maximum number of terms you can add to a set is 2,000. 

Where can I find images to use for my diagram?

You can find high-quality images using Google image search. Alternatively, you can make your own on another website. Examples of good, free tools to use include, Gliffy, and Pixlr. Please review the article linked below to learn more about how to ensure you don't violate an image's copyright by uploading it to Quizlet.

Why can't I add a shape to my diagram?

The Add a shape tool is not supported in Windows browsers (Internet Explorer/Edge.) If you switch to another supported browser you should be able to use this feature.

How do I make sure I don't violate an image's copyright?

Please read this article for detailed information and FAQs.