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Uploading your own images

If you want to upload specific images to your study sets, first upgrade to Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher.

Getting Started

You can add images to new sets as well as sets that you've already made.

To add images to a new set, click "Create Set" in the blue header.

To add images to an existing set, click "Edit" in the Tools section of the set page.

Uploading Images

You can upload your own images by dragging and dropping them into the definition field, or by clicking the image icon on the right side to browse your computer's files.

Drag and Drop

To add your own images quickly, use drag and drop. Click on and drag the image from your computer, and drop it directly to the right of the definition. The image will load and appear in this area.

Browsing Files

Click the image icon next to the definition to browse files on your computer.

In the options that appear, click on "Upload your own image."

Choose the image file, and click "Open."

Saving Your Set

Add images to as many terms as you'd like, and then click "Done."

These images will now show on the set page and in the study modes.

Other Questions

Can I upload multiple images at the same time?

You can upload multiple images at the same time, using either the drag and drop or the browse option. Just select as many images as you need and they will be added to empty rows in your set (or to new rows). Unfortunately right now you can only upload one image per term.

What types of image files can I upload?

We support uploading of jpegs, pngs, and gifs. You can upload images of any size, but we show downsized versions in the study modes and on the set page. You can view your image full screen from the set page or in Flashcards by clicking on the image.

Can I upload an image to the term side?

We only support uploading images to the second/definition side of your cards. However, you can choose to be prompted with either side in any study mode - this means you'll be able to see your images first when studying.

Can I upload images from an iPad, iPhone or Android device?

If you're using the Quizlet app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, you can upload images from the app. If you're on an Android device, please go to the website and log in to your account to upload images.