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Adding images to a set

Quizlet's free image library has over 10 million photos to choose from. You can search keywords to find relevant images, and then add them to the second side of your cards - completely for free!

If you'd like to upload specific images from your computer, upgrade to Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher. Learn more about uploading your own images here.

Getting Started

You can add images to new sets as well as sets that you've already made.

To add images to a new set, click "Create Set" in the blue header.

To add images to an existing set, click "Edit" in the Tools section of the set page.

Adding Images

Enter your term and click the image icon next to the definition.

Image options will appear below. Press on the arrows to see more results.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Type a different search term into the image search box.

Click on one of the images to add it to your set. It will appear to the right of the definition.

Saving Your Set

Add images to as many terms as you'd like, and then click "Done."

These images will now show on the set page and in the study modes.

Other Questions

Can I add an image to the term side?

We only support adding images to the second/definition side of your cards. However, you can choose to be prompted with either side in any study mode - this means you'll be able to see your images first when studying.

Can I add images using my iPad, iPhone or Android device?

You can add images using your mobile device or tablet by opening in a web browser. We don't yet support adding images in the iOS or Android apps.

Why can't I see my images?

Quizlet may be blocked. Even if you can use, the images section may still be blocked. Try clicking on this link. Do you see an image of Quizlet's logo? If not, then Quizlet is still partially blocked. Ask your IT administrator to allow access to (whitelist) all of Quizlet's domains and IP addresses. Learn more about unblocking Quizlet here.