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Customizing another user's set

Looking to modify a set made by another user or create a second version of one of your own sets? Use the Customize tool to accomplish that quickly and easily.

First, go to the set you'd like to customize. Then, click on the Customize icon.

Screenshot of set page with customize icon highlighted
If you're making a customized copy of your own set, the Customize button will show up under the More menu rather than as a standalone icon. 

Screenshot of set page with more options menu and customize icon highlighted

After you click on Customize, you can make changes on the Create Set page and then click on the Create button to save.

Screenshot of create set page with create button highlighted
Your new set will show your username next to the title, but you can always see which set this one is based on by going to the set page and clicking on the Info button. 

Screenshot of info modal with copied from set link highlighted