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Auto-save and draft sets on the Quizlet website and mobile apps

Quizlet automatically saves your work as you're creating or editing a set.

How auto-save works

While you're working on a set, Quizlet periodically saves your progress as you add content. You can see how many terms have been successfully auto-saved at the top of the Create Set page.

If you lose your Internet connection and Quizlet is unable to save your work for more than a minute, you'll see a notification and a warning icon next to any terms that haven't been saved. 

If this happens, keep the Create Set page open in your browser so that Quizlet can save your terms once you reconnect. If you're not able to reconnect, we recommend copying and pasting your terms into a word processor so you can add them back once you have an Internet connection again. 

Accessing saved drafts

Quizlet saves sets that you haven't published as drafts. Drafts appear in the In Progress section of your Latest Activity feed. 

When you open a draft, you'll have the option to keep working on it, discard it, or publish it by selecting Create


Drafts on the Quizlet iOS and Android apps

While published sets are available on any of your devices, drafts do not sync across the Quizlet website, iOS and Android apps. This means that you won't be able to see draft sets created on the website from the app and vice versa. 

In order to view and open a draft, you'll need to log into Quizlet from the same platform you used to create the set. If you want to edit sets from either the website or app, publish them first so you can work on them anywhere. 

Please note that if you've created draft sets on the iOS or Android app and log out of your account before publishing them, Quizlet will discard your drafts. 



I discarded a draft set by mistake. Can you restore it for me?

We aren't able to restore discarded drafts. If you're going to be working on a set for a long time, we recommend saving periodically rather than adding lots of content to an unpublished draft that could accidentally be discarded.