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How auto-save works

Quizlet automatically saves your work as you're creating or editing a set.

Auto-save while working

While you're creating or editing a set, Quizlet is constantly saving your work to ensure that you don't lose it. 

You can check to see how many terms have been successfully auto-saved at the top of the Create Set page. 

If you lose your connection and Quizlet is unable to save your work for more than a minute, you'll see a notification and a warning icon next to any terms that haven't been saved. 

Quizlet should auto-save these terms once you reconnect to the Internet, as long as you keep the Create Set page open in your browser. 

Auto-saved drafts

Sets that you've started but haven't published can be accessed from your Latest Activity feed in the In Progress section. 

After opening a draft set, you can choose to continue working on it or discard it and start a new set.