You can quickly create new study sets from existing text documents by using our Import tool.

Preparing Your Document

Open an existing document or create one from scratch. Any word processing program (like Google docs, Microsoft Word, Excel, Pages, or TextEdit) will work.

Make sure your terms and definitions are separated by either a comma, tab, or symbol of your choice. Your rows must also be separated by either a new line, semicolon, or different custom symbol. Check that these symbols are consistent throughout the document.

For example, on this document terms and definitions are separated by a tab, and each new line is a row:

Using Import to Create a Set

Go to Quizlet and click "Create a set" in the blue header.

Enter your set title and choose your languages. Then click the "Import" button.

Open your existing text document and select and copy all the text you would like to use. Now go back to Quizlet and paste your text into the import box. Select the symbol between terms and definitions, as well as between rows.

This will generate a preview of your set below. Once you're happy with your preview, click "Import Terms."

You'll be brought back to the Create Set page, with your terms and definitions filled in. Click on "Create" and you're done!