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Organizing sets with folders

Stay organized on Quizlet by creating folders for the different subjects you're studying. Users of any age can create folders!

To get started, select Create a folder on the left sidebar of your logged-in homepage.  

Enter a title and a description if you'd like, then select Create folder

You can also create a new folder from any set page and automatically add that set to your new folder.

Folders you create will be visible on your Quizlet profile unless all of the sets you add are visible only to you. 

Adding sets to a folder

The quickest way to add sets to a folder is from a folder page. To add sets, select Add a set

You can then add sets you've created, sets in classes you belong to, or sets you've studied. 

Editing and sharing folders

To edit a folder's title or description, open the More menu and select Edit. To share a folder, select the Share icon. 

Anyone you share a folder with can bookmark it from their own account to access it anytime. If you delete a folder, it will be remove from any accounts where it was bookmarked. 

Studying a folder

You can study all of the sets in a folder at once by selecting the Study a folder icon at the top of any folder page. 


Can I create sub-folders?
It's not currently possible to create sub-folders, but we have this on our radar for the future!