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Combining multiple sets

With Combine, you can study several sets at once time -- or even create a completely new set comprised of several existing sets.

To get started, go to the set page of the first set you want to add to your combination. Find the More section, then select Combine

This will take you to a page with several sections showing you your created sets, sets in classes you belong to, and sets you've added to folders. To add sets to your combination, click on the Plus button to the right of any set's title. 

As you add sets, the titles will show up in the box in the top left corner of the page. You can also search for sets from the Combine page if you want to supplement those you've already created or studied with new content. 

To start studying your new combination right away, click the dropdown menu below your set titles and select the study mode you want -- then select Go. Please note that this will only let you study your combination; it doesn't save the combination to your account to access in the future. 

To save your combination, select Create a set from the dropdown menu instead of a study mode and then select Go. Once you save your combined set from the Create Set page (by clicking Create at the top of the page), you'll be good to go!