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Using password protected sets

If you'd like your set to be visible to certain people only, make it password protected. Then tell them the password, so they can see and study your set.

Adding a Password to a Set

To add a password to your set, click the "Visible to everyone" button when creating or editing the set.


Select "People with a password" from the "Who can view?" options. Then enter a password and click "Save."

Password protected.png

You can change this privacy setting or update the password at any time by clicking "Edit" in the Tools section of the set page. You can check the set's current privacy setting by clicking into the Info tab.


Using a Password Protected Set

Password protected sets don't show up in search. The best way to give others access is by sharing a link to your profile page (in this case, it is or emailing them a URL link to the set.

Password Protected Set

When they click into the set, they will be prompted to enter a password - so make sure to tell them what it is!

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