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Tracking your progress

Quizlet's "Most Missed" feature gives you real-time feedback on which study terms or concepts you need the most work on. As you study, Quizlet keeps track of your right and wrong answers (for modes where you type in the answer like Speller, Learn, Test, and Space Race).


Select the "Most Missed" sort above your terms and we will group your terms into sections with headings like "Often Missed," "Sometimes Missed," and "Never Missed." You will also see individual right and wrong answers on a term by term basis.

From the "Most Missed" view you can star the terms you want to focus on and review them in any study mode until you've mastered them.


Once you've answered all the terms in a set, you'll see your progress automatically when you visit the set. But you can always get to it by clicking on "Most Missed." All the words in the set will be grouped into sections and you'll see your most recent seven answers term by term.


You'll be able to focus on just the terms you miss the most often by starring those terms and studying them separately.

Once you've answered a term correctly seven times in a row, it will move into the "Never Missed" section.


At the top of the page, you'll see your current progress on Quizlet's study modes. You can launch right back into a study session you were working on earlier.


More ways to track your progress on Quizlet

In addition to the "Most Missed" view, you can also see how you're doing on the "Scores" tab.


We show the top 10 scores for Scatter and Space Race as well as everyone who's completed Learn and Speller on that set.