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Tracking your progress

Quizlet helps you study by giving you real-time feedback on which terms or questions you need to focus on most. While you're studying, Quizlet keeps track of your right and wrong answers for modes where you submit an answer Spell, Learn, Test, and Gravity.

If you select Your stats from the dropdown menu, Quizlet will sort your terms into groups based on how many times you've missed them. They can be grouped into the following categories Often Missed, Sometimes Missed, Rarely Missed, Never Missed, and No Answers Yet.

To study only your most-missed terms, star them in groups. These groups are sorted in reverse chronological order, so you'll see the term you missed most recently at the top of the list. When you've gotten an answer right seven times, it'll move into the Never Missed category.

Once you've finished studying your set in at least one of the modes where we record right and wrong answers, you'll see your stats by default on the set page. You can always change this by clicking on the Sort dropdown menu and selecting Original to see your terms in the order you added them to your set. 

We also keep track of your progress at the study mode level, so you can see the percentage of the study session you've completed and your most recent score. 

If you want to see how you're doing compared to your friends and classmates, click on the Scores button. To see scores for a set, go to the set page and click on the More icon. Then, click on Scores

Quizlet shows the top 10 scores for Match and Gravity, as well as the usernames of everyone who has completed Learn or Spell.