Quizlet automatically generates audio for 18 different languages, allowing users to hear the words and phrases they're studying spoken aloud. You can use audio in Cards, Speller, and Learn mode; upgraded Quizlet Teachers can also enable audio for their students in Quizlet Live games.

Supported languages

Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
Greek (Modern)

If you're studying a language we don't provide TTS for, you can upgrade to record your own audio with Voice Recording

Excluding text from audio

If you want to exclude certain content from being read aloud, place it between parentheses and we'll ignore it. For example, "cat (animal)" will be spoken simply as "cat." This is a great way to add notes, example sentences, etc. to your terms and definitions to reference while studying. 

Text with 300+ characters

We currently support TTS audio for terms and definitions up to 300 characters. 

To get started, go to a set page, find the term or definition you want to hear, and then select the speaker icon to the right of that row. You'll also see the speaker icon on flashcards. 

What if the audio sounds strange?

If audio playback sounds strange or incorrect, it's possible that a set's terms or definitions are in the wrong language. To check, go to the set page and look at the language(s) listed on the Info tab. 

If either or both languages are incorrect and you're able to edit the set, you can change it by selecting Edit from the toolbar. If you don't have editing access, you can save a copy to your own account and correct the language(s) on that new copy.
Since we license our TTS audio from third-party providers, we're not able to change or modify pronunciations ourselves.

What if audio doesn't play?

1. Check to make sure we offer audio for the language(s) you're studying. If you hover over a term or definition, your cursor will indicate that the text is clickable -- and you can then click on that text to hear audio read back. The text will highlight while it's being read. If we don't offer audio in the language(s) of your set or a term or definition is longer than 300 characters, the text won't be clickable and you won't be able to hear audio.
2. Check that audio is working on your computer. You can try playing audio on a different Quizlet set like this one -- U.S. State Capitals. If that doesn't work, try going directly to our audio test file.
3. Update or change your web browser
  • We recommend using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
  • If you're using Internet Explorer, make sure you have the browser's default security settings in place
  • Please note that we don't support audio in Opera, so you'll need to use one of the browsers listed above
4. Update Flash
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed
  • If you're using Flashblock, Clicktoflash, or another Flash blocker, add Quizlet to its whitelist