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Recording custom audio with Voice Recording

If you have an upgraded Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher account, you can use Voice Recording on the Quizlet website to add custom audio to your sets in place of the default text to speech (TTS) audio. Voice Recording is particularly useful for language teachers and those studying a language for which Quizlet doesn't offer TTS.

For the best recording experience, we recommend using Google Chrome for Mac or Windows. While you can certainly record using Safari, Firefox or Edge, you're more likely to run into recording issues with those browsers. We also recommend enabling auto-update for whichever browser you're using so you always have the latest version installed on your computer.

Getting started

Create a new set, or select Edit on the set page of a set you've already created. Then, select the microphone icon next to a term or definition to record up to 30 seconds of audio for that term or definition.

If your browser prompts you to grant Quizlet access to your computer's microphone, select Allow.

Recording your audio

To start recording, hold down the spacebar on your keyboard. When you're finished, release the spacebar to save your recording.


Your recording will automatically play back. If you want to hear it again, select the play icon. To re-record, hold down the spacebar and try again. To delete your recording, select the trash can icon.

You can record audio for as many terms and definitions as you want. Select Switch to definition or Switch to term to add audio to the other side of the same card. When you're finished recording, select Create to save a new set or Done to save an existing set. 


Can I record audio from my phone or tablet?
Quizlet doesn't support Voice Recording on mobile devices, so you'll need to record from the Quizlet website. However, your recorded audio will play back on any device.

Can I upload audio files I've already recorded?
Not currently, but that's something we may add in the future.

I can't record! What's going wrong?
Please read our Troubleshooting Voice Recording article. If you're still unable to record after trying the steps listed there, please let us know and we'll help out.